Monday, January 28, 2013

Tay Tay

Taylor is a very sweet boy. He loves to hold you, kiss you, rub your back, pat your head, hug you...basically anything that will make you feel better or smile. He has a heart of giant! Here he is enjoying his lunch. One of his favorite things to do is to make his own concoction of drinks. What you see on his plate will be seen in a cup of water as soon as you turn your back. No worries though...he'll still make sure his breakfast, lunch, or dinner is finished. It grosses us out, but he insists on finishing it.
Jake always make it a point to tell us when something is right or wrong, especially if it's with others. But boy, when it comes to him...he's never wrong.
Tay is in his own little world.
A surprise bouquet from my lovely and handsome hubby bc he knew I had a long and hard day with the kids. These always accompany some sort of yummy treats...I believe it was the chocolate torte from Costco this time. Love him to pieces.
A day in the Sorensen everywhere..
The kids toy has totally changed because of other things we've put there, but I'm trying to catch up to blogging and I'm sure I added this picture for some reason for which I have totally forgotten why. are pictures of the kids on the way. We love em!
Pic of our kitchen and family room.

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