Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boys at play

Jacob loves arts and crafts. Here, he is painting a turkey.
Taylor crawls all over the place. He has even learned how to stand up alone for several seconds. He grabs on to whatever he can to get from one place to another. He's really the definition of a "momma's boy." Playing in the train room also known as "the happy room."

Jacob is learning how to be a good big brother. He gets a lot of mini lessons about being patient and being kind.

I don't know how to fix the red eyes! Here, they are watching Jake and the Pirates.

Isn't he so cute????


Jacob started soccer practice a month ago and sso far, he has done exceptionally well. For kids in his age group, he's got some reaaly great motor skills. He is still working on his listening skillls, but for a first timer, he is such a great athlete. (Sorry, picture quality is not good.)

New preschool

This post makes me emotional because it reminds me of how fast my Baby Jacob is growing. Jacob has grown and matured in so many ways since we've moved to Texas. Jeremiah and I can't believe some of the things he can do and say. He is very smart.

We found a preschool on Katy that had a good balance of academics and social development. Jacob bonded with the teacher right away when we went for a school tour. I was shoocked! Now, he goes twice a week and we are considering more days since he enjoys it so much. He is there from 8:30-3:00.

On his first day, 12/1/11, he didn't even cry! He said bye to me before I can even say goodbye. While taking pictures with his teacher, he called me stinky pants (something he learned from the photographer the day before lol). Overall, other than wetting his pants the very first hour and pulling on another kids shoulder, he had a fantastic first day. I cried on the way home, but Taylor kept me busy, which made the day go by really fast. Can't believe it, but we are so proud of our Baby..oops...Big Boy Jacob!

Christmas Photo Attempt

Every year I try to capture some cute pictures to put together a collage for my parents. Some times I get lucky...this time, I wasn't at all. Taylor was very unhappy. We had just gotten back from a photo shoot from Jacob's school and he freaked out because he was afraid of the photographers. So, when we got home, all he wanted was to be held. He wasn't having any of it. Align CenterJacob on the other hand, loved it. He especially loved the fat reindeer.

My favorite picture!!

This was an absolute disaster. I gave up after this one.

Putting up the Xmas tree

Our decorations are very simple this year. I didn't feel like going through all the boxes, so we just placed ornaments on the tree. We had a surprise for Jacob because he diligently helped with the ornaments. He is so particular. Things had to be placed in certain spots, considering Taylor and all. He's something.
Thomas the Tank Engine ornament! Yay!

Thanksgiving in Texas

We were so happy that Auntie Monica and Uncle Daniel decided to spend their Thanksgiving with us in Katy! They drove down from Prosper (Dallas area) Monday night and stayed with us until Saturday. WE all enjoyed their company, especially Jacob. He has a special bond with his E-Ca because she gives him whatever she wants, but I'm so happy that she is not afraid to discipline him when he is misbehaving. We love them to pieces!

Here, they are working on the pies! We had chocolate pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. They were delicious!!! Eca was so nice. She took over and cooked our entire Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the food because I didn't have patience for pictures. I dug in right away!

For dinner, we had TurDucKen, ham, pies, Daniel's special made mashed potatoes, and a bunch of other sides. No one touched the salad though! LOL. It was so much fun. We even squeezed in family pictures at the park before dinner as well!

Two boys and...

...a GIRL!

Baby #3 is a girl! Since she was conceived naturally, her estimated due date is March 29th. I am still considered a high risk pregnancy, so I have to get progesterone shots every week and visit the specialist often as well. Fortunately, the nurse comes to our place and gives the shot. We also get to hear the baby' heartbeat each time. We are hoping and praying that this baby will be full term. We had a scare just this past weekend. I was feeling mild contractions throughout the day, but didn't think too much of it because I wasn't feeling well. But, by evening time I was really concerned and the doctor told me to go to the ER asap. Everything is fine. I was dehydrated, which caused the uterus to contract. I am better now because I'm jugging down as much water as I can.

Halloween with Mickey and Friends!!

Yes, it was an absolute dream come true trick or treating with Mickey and Friends with my boys!!!!! We decided to take Jacob to Disneyland again this year for the second time because he has become such a Disney Mania. On top of that, it was a surprise birthday gift for me from Jeremiah.

We had just learned a month before that we were going to move to Katy, Texas for Jeremiah's work and thought that having one last BIG California adventure before going would be fun for the family. Disneyland is just so magical! If you love Halloween and Disney, then you absolutely must make a trip there in October. It's just so much fun!

It's a Small World is Jacob's favorite Disneyland ride. This time it trumped the trains! Yes, you heard right! We probably went on this ride at least 10 times. Each time, he acted as if it was his first time riding it. It was priceless. Taylor even enjoyed the ride.

Jeremiah pointed out that this was Grandma, so every time we passed by, Jacob would yell out, "Look, it's Gramma!"

Here we are waiting for the Mickey Soundsational Parade. It was such an awesome parade. I actually like it better than the electrical parade!

Having dinner at Goofy's Kitchen was the best EVERRR! The food was just phenomenal. Everything was good! Lots of characters were there and they were so nice. I like this much better than the surfing breakfast with Mickey.

Jacob looks grumpy because he just woke up from his nap.

Taylor was a dragon for Halloween! Adorable!

He is learning his "lizard" look.

His excitement for trick or treating. First, he didn't want to put on his costume, but after trick or treating at two boothes, he wanted it on.

Isn't he the cutest Thomas ever? By the way, Disney is very GENEROUS with giving out candy. We probably visited 6-7 boothes and got three bags of yummy goodness! These are good candies too like almond joy, snickers, twix, skittles, you name it!

Yes, I'm the number ONE engine!

Waiting for the costume parade...which he missed because he fell asleep minutes before they started. It was a long day, so I don't blame him. At least we were able to get him to trick or treat.