Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend update...

Cortizone worked for Jacob. It cleared his rash in less than 24 hours and relieved the itchiness. Thank goodness because it really bothered him! In this picture, I placed him on my bed for a nap to monitor if whether he would have some reaction to the cream. I got up to do something and I heard a few burps. I ran over to see if he had vomitted but what I saw totally shocked me. He rolled over in his sleep!!...which caused him to burp several times. AGAIN, another reason why we can't leave him alone for a second. I believe it now...babies, no matter how big or small, are really fast!

One of the many things we do with Jacob is strengthening his trunk through exercises on the therapy ball. He loves loves loves his yellow egg (ball). When he sees the ball, his eyes get wide open and he starts to make noises. He then bangs on the ball or tries to grab it, which he can't because it's round. It's really cute. Picture me at a candy or craft store...that's how Jacob looks...really excited!

I can't get over how cute these sunglasses look on him. It's soooo adorable. I know I won't be able to take pictures like these anymore once he figures out how to pull them off his face. He knows how to pull Jeremiah's glasses off, but can't quite figure out to do it when it's on him! I have to take advantage of that right now...hehe.

We've put up some new frames and pictures in Jacob's nursery. Jeremiah thinks we're done decorating his nursery, but we're not even close...I have a few more things I'd like to do in his room. I'm working on convincing Jeremiah to paint one side of the nursery an "ocean" theme with waves, corral reefs, different types of sea life, etc. He's not buying into it, so I'm going to wait for my mother-in-law to come visit to help me persuade him that it's visually stimulating for Jacob. Right mom?!?! =)

I love this onesie! I have to take a picture with this angle before he grows out of it. I think it's simply adorable!

Getting ready for his first vegetable. The bib was given to Jacob by Linda Long from our ward. It is the cutest thing ever! She cross stitched Jacob's name and a fire truck on the bib. I totally want to learn how to make this! LOVE IT!


Jacob's first time having squash. I think he liked it. I can't believe Jeremiah tricked me into trying it. I should have known better! I said I would only try it if he'd try it. He agreed to it and so after I tasted it, he said, "SIKE!" How mean is that?!? was all fun and games, but I'm going to get him next time...maybe with green beans or something! Hah! Anyway, we always have fun introducing new foods to Jacob. He'll be eating this for 4-5 days before trying another vegetable. Come back for a video of that...=)
By the way, when we went in for the appointment for the rash, Jacob was weighed at 15 lbs. 13 oz. I'm sure he's over 16 lbs. right now. He is getting bigger!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am exhausted.

We are all exhausted.

Jacob has a rash above his eyebrow...took him in to get it checked...and was told to use aquaphor. He continues to scratch and rub telling us that it's more than just 'dry skin.' We bought cortizone this morning and hopefully it'll relieve the itchiness.

Jacob was throwing up a lot too yesterday. No fever. No infections. We're still worried.

He is eating oatmeal now...alternating with rice cereal with every feeding. It's hard to give it to him in between bottle feeding since he eats every three hours, so we just feed him after giving him the bottle. It's been okay so far. Throwing up bc he might be full? I don't know.

Jacob likes to grab and play. We use the first feeding time at 8:30 for exploration and no exercises. We let him touch, feel, and grab the rocking chair, nobs on the dresser, the top of his activity gym, etc. He seems to enjoy it. Usually before each feeding, we exercise and challenge him with therapy strategies instructed by the OT for 30-40 minutes. It tires him out, but when we skip one session, he has soooo much energy! He is going to be a handful.

Jacob rolls like a rollie pollie. As soon as we put him down, off he goes. You can try to roll him back over, but he'll just roll again and again. It's quite fun to watch him do it. we think it's the coolest thing least for now. =)

Jacob is also staying up longer during the day...I mean no naps for six hours or if he has one, it's a short 30-45 minute nap. Hard for me, but he rewards us for our patience later in the day when he naps for three hours or it's pretty fair. Hehehe...

Jacob has learned how to make bubbles with his's funny, but also distracting when we are feeding him, especially the rice cereal or rice oatmeal. It gets messy sometimes.

Well, as for me, I'm not looking forward to the next couple of months. I'll finish up my last quarter in school taking 19 units...doubling my academic workload (Mon- Thurs. and a few Saurdays). Having to accomodate babysitting times has been difficult. Fortunately, my mom will be coming out to help, but it's still going to be a challenge with homework and such.

Thw weather has been nice and we are itching to go out with Jacob. However, we are going to wait. Jacob's RSV shot from early this month will be gone next week, putting us in paranoia mode since he will not get anymore for the season. Hopefully, we'll sail through April with no problems.

We also miss going to church. We really miss it. Can't wait for May to come around.

So, we are tired.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rolling champion!

Jacob is rolling over like a champ! He does it more often when we aren't paying attention to him. However, when it is playtime and we are doing exercises with him, he'd lie on his back and wait for us to move him. He can be sneaky. Nonetheless, he's doing it frequently enough to make us supervise him all the time.

Jacob is eating rice cereal twice a day now as a supplement to his regular bottle feedings. I can't wait to start him on vegetables and fruits. Dr. Millar says to start him on veggies first and fruits later. Any experiences with that anyone? Let us know okay?

Jacob is NOT napping as often as he used to. They are either shortened or not taken, leaving us exhausted by the end of the day. Something funny about Jacob is when he wakes up in the morning at about 8:30 or from any 'short' naps, he would play with the playard's siding (this netting material) and scratch it endlessly until one of us wakes up to pick him up. Smart huh?

Some days are harder than other days, but overall we are enjoying everything about Jacob and being first time parents. We feel so blessed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


This is a Saint Patrick's Day we will never forget BECAUSE Jacob has learned how to roll over on his own! He did it all by himself! We have been anticipating this day for some time and can't believe it has arrived! We are so proud of Jacob! Yay! Way to go lil' man!

-No more reglan! Jacob is outgrowing his reflux. However, he is still on pepcid.

-No more co-sleeping! For a few days last week, Jacob had been using his legs to scoot himself while on his back. I woke up to 10 little toes on my nose one morning and that pretty much told me that co-sleeping wasn't such a great idea anymore! So, we placed Jacob in his playard and he transitioned very well. He'll wake up 2-3 times, but will go back to sleep when he gets his nub nub. We've also bought him a zippee blanket bc he can't be trusted with blankets. He likes to pull them up and cover his face. Sleeping on his own has been working great!

-Marching for Babies on May 16th! We will be marching in support of Jacob and babies all around the world as part of the Dameron Hospital team. We are so excited! Please, please, please support us and donate $ for this great cause. Click on the link to the right!

Spinning round n' round...


Monday, March 16, 2009

Rice cereal w/ a spoon!

Above: Day two of rice cereal...he doesn't mind it so much. He was taking 1/2 oz. of milk with 1 1/2 tsp of rice cereal the first 3 days. Now, we've doubled it and he has been really good for me...but for Jeremiah???...he gives into Jacob too easily.


Day one of rice cereal (3/10/09)...the first 2 minutes was strange for him. He sealed his lips each time I tried placing the spoon in his mouth. After we turned off the camera, he began opening his mouth for more. So, Jer captured about a minute of it before Jacob got ancy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching up...

I haven't been posting as often as I have liked, so now I'm going to do some catching up. One of Jacob's favorite times of the day is getting a bath. You can see it in his face. Jacob loves to splash water with his feet and grab the towel with his hands during bath time.
His favorite part of bath time is in this position where we are washing his back. He'll lower his head slowly and suck on our arms. Since Jacob is getting a little heavier and moving around a lot, it has gotten harder to wash him in this position. We can't hold him up like we used to.
Here we are on our way to get the last RSV shot last Tuesday. We found out that Jacob was 14 lbs. 12.75 oz. He's gaining weight! Yay! We also found out that we can't take him out until the end of April because the RSV season started pretty late. We are waiting to hear from our nurse to see if Jacob will need to go back in early April to get another shot. =( We're still on house arrest. Bummer...I was hoping to get out for Easter!
Jeremiah left to Utah last Thursday to attend Great Grandmother Sorensen's funeral. We wished so much that we could be there with the Sorensen Family and surround ourselves with their love. Part of me felt so sad because Jacob never had a chance to meet Great Grandmother Sorensen here on Earth, but she left many things for him to remember her by and we know that he'll be able to meet her again some day. So, while Jeremiah was gone, my parents came out to help me. Jacob was spoiled every second of the day. They couldn't get enough of him! At first, my parents thought playtime was torture because of all the therapy stuff I had to do with him, so in this picture, my mom was trying to make it comfortable for Jacob during tummy time by placing a soft pillow underneath.
Okay, I have a really BAD habit of clipping fingernails way shorter than they should be. Prior to this, Jacob had scratched himself and would cry. I thought I would clip them shorter so it wouldn't grow so fast and have that happen again. Well, I clipped them waaaay too short and Jacob ended having a hangnail on his ring finger. You can see the redness in the picture. I thought I had broken his finger during therapy time that morning and was so scared. So, I got on facebook, where all of Jacob's NICU nurses were, and posted a picture and talked to Nurse Christine. She told me that it looked like a hangnail and to put neosporin on it to help with the redness. I did and it worked! Thank goodness for facebook sometimes!
Jacob is not really happy in this picture. The sock 'mitten' irritated him all day. That's the hand with neosporin on the finger. Since Jacob loves to suck on his fist, I didn't want him to get a taste of the medicine and get sick. After the first day, Jacob discovered how to pull the sock out so I gave up. The finger healed within 48 hours.
This is Jacob getting ready for the 6 month well visit. Jeremiah bought him some BYU gear and had to put it on him (his pediatrician is also LDS..hehe). At the appointment, we found out that Jacob now weighs 15 lbs. 3 oz., 16 inches for head circumference, and 24 inches long. When I measured Jacob a few weeks ago, he was 25 inches. Jeremiah thinks I added the inches just because I wanted him to be now Jacob is in the seventh percentile for weight, third percentile for head circumference, and first percentile for height (it's in the genes). Dr. Millar also said that he averages around 5 months developmentally, exceeding his adjusted age growth, which would be 3 1/2 months. The doc also told us not to worry about rice cereal because he feels Jacob is totally ready for it. I'm working on posting the video for that.
Look at those ham hogs (that's what his nurse called it..hehe)! Jacob's 6 month shots at his well visit. He cried for a few seconds and stopped immediately after I picked him up. He's such a good boy.
Great Grandma Sorensen knitted this beautiful blanket for all of her great grandchildren before she passed away. We are so grateful for the many talents she has and the joy she has brought into our lives through her love, grace, and kindess. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E or at least one person in each of the Sorensen family has one of these knitted stockings from Great Grandma Sorensen. I was so happy when Jeremiah brought one home for Jacob. Now, we can say that we have one of Great Grandma Sorensen's knitted stockings!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

We miss you so much and wish we could be there with you and the family. We are thinking about you and can't wait for you to be home! We thought this would brighten up your day and remind you of how much we love you, even though mommy can't carry a tune...this is for you!


Mommy & Jacob Thomas


(Jacob was not hurt in the making of this video...scroll down fir more videos!)

Jacob and tummy time spinner...


Jacob being taught to use his arms to pivot himself in circles while on the spinner. Today, the therapist noticed that Jacob was more tense than before. She said the muscle tightness (hyper-something) will hopefully resolve as he grows. It is something we will definitely ask his massage therapist can't help, but to worry...

Okay...I really need to stop googling info about muscle tightness and's scaring me!!

Jacob and the therapy ball...


This was towards the end of his therapy session with his occuaptional therapist. He was tired and hungry, which explain the fussiness...I wish Jeremy was here to see it. She did so many great exercises with him and you can tell she genuinely loves her job.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new bumbo

Jacob has been a fussy feeder for quite some time. Most of the time, we end up forcing him to finish his bottle, whether it's waking him up, making loud sounds, walking around the room with him in our arms. So, I emailed the doctor AGAIN about our concerns and he gave us the okay to start him on rice cereal. I was sooooo excited. I went to the store that night and bought Jacob a bumbo, cute colorful bowls, and soft feeding spoons. But when I got home, I got really scared and decided not to feed him rice cereal right away. Jer and I decided that maybe we should just ease him into it by first having him sit in the bumbo. Jacob was soooo cute. He was really startled the first night. He kind of relaxed the second time and was able to crack a few smiles. With that, I think we're ready to start him on rice cereal tomorrow. We'll take tons of pictures and post it for everyone to see!

The picture below was taken during our play time. Jacob likes to stand on his feet a lot...which we try not to do too often.

Do you think he reached his goal for propping himself at 90 degrees for his physical therapist?
The day he scratched his nose TWICE after I just clipped his fingernails. I must have not done a great job!

Very odd, but Jacob falls asleep with his nub nub on his shoulder or on his chest. I tried taking it off one morning and he woke up and cried so now we just leave it there for him.

Right before bath time...