Monday, June 29, 2009

If mommy could take the pain away...

Jacob's hand slipped while walking along the side of the couch and he bumped his head against the metal buttons pretty hard. He had one of those silent cries and it scared me to death. I was on the verge of tears too! I called my sister and told her what happened and she pretty much told me it would be okay. *whew* He has a bruise now...poor baby! =(
Naughty, but funny boy! Today, we went to the grocery store and I thought it would be a great teaching opportunity for Jacob to learn about different veggies and fruits until...he started banging on the nicely organized onions and made them roll all over the floor!! (He was in the babybjorn.) I was so embarassed! It was even harder bending down to pick them all up. I was sweating like a pig before I was even done. Good thing onions have multiple layers!

The learning table was well worth the $$! =)
I love his new shoes!
We had to decide on purchasing a highchair that was $170 or $40. We went with the cheaper one realizing that mealtimes wouldn't last more than 30 minutes a time. Hopefully, we won't regret it.


Jacobs newfound hobby.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandma Sorensen's gift for Jacob

Huge pillows!! YES!!! It's what we needed because he was bumping into stuff and hurting himself quite often. Today, he took the longest nap (EVER) on these pillows...2 hours...yes, 2 hours! [SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE POSTINGS]
It looks way awesome with the covers on them. I'll upload pics later. We just love it!
Making silly faces while waiting for Grandma and Daddy grocery shop.
Standing up in his car seat. (We were parked. The car was not moving.)

I FINALLY got a good picture of his two bottom teeth. They first came out on 5/23/09.
The cutest little boy in the whole wide world!!

Swimming with Grandma Sorensen

Jacob swims with Grandma.
The water was kinda cold.
Ariel is growing so fast! It was just yesterday when I bathed her in the sink and strolled her in a baby stroller. Now, she is so tall, so into fashion, and going into 5th grade! She's one of Jacob's (mine too) favorite people.
Anthony is Ariel's older brother. He has grown overnight as well. He will be attending high school next year! It's crazy!!
Jacob being curious.
I thought it would be a great photo opportunity. He did not like the feel of the grass.

Jeremy's first father's day of Jacob with poems and Jacob's handprint and footprint. Many of you know that it was once pictures of me and Gracie along with a poem with Gracie's pawprint. I replaced it with Jacob's this year. Gracie's stuff is still there, but behind the new stuff. =)

Grandma Sorensen is here!!!!!

We missed Grandma Sorensen so much! The last time we saw her was last year during Thanksgiving! It's so precious to see how much he loves to cuddle and laugh with her. They have a great bond.
It's like MAGIC. It didn't take long for Grandma to put little Jakey to sleep in her arms.
Grandma helping to make Daddy's Father's Day gift. Several attempts with the handprint and footprint before getting it right.

Jacob loves the camera. Say, "Cheese!"
Gone! Uncle Adam sings little Jacob to sleep. It was so cute!

Jacob loves to crawl. I put Baby Legs on Jacob when crawling in the kitchen because his knees get so red. Jeremy said he looked like a dancer.

Over and under the furniture!! He's already learned how to climb up the stairs!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out n' About

Jacob laughing hysterically at Gracie as she barks. We were getting ready to leave for visiting teaching and Gracie wanted to come too. They are inseparable. Having lunch at the Mongolian BBQ in Tracy with one of my friends. It was lots of fun! Our first time having lunch as new mommies.

He loves to swing! This is what happens when baby cries nonstop while mommy strolls baby around the lake...totally asleep before reaching the front door.
Jacob petting Gracie...


Jacob laughing.


Aaron was hungry too! He's such a cutie patootie!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hats off to the Grad!

I've finally graduated with a Masters of Science Degree from CSUEB yesterday! No more HOMEWORK!!! Yay! Jeremiah was worried about having Jacob for such a long period of time under the hot sun, but the little boy did very well. He pooped when we got there, ate before the commencement, and didn't cry at all during the ceremony. I left after they called my name (which I feel horrible about), but I had to get the lil man out of the beating sun. My parents threw a dinner party for me afterwards and it was A LOT of fun! Besides from being put in the limelight (thanks Uncle Sovandy!), I really enjoyed everyone's company!

My cohort...half went through the program with me from the beginning and the other half joined us this past year. We ALL get along so well. I will miss them dearly.

My partner in crime, Alyssa Schack-Wooten. We were once teaching partners and have been close since. She 'literally' helped me get through the program. Without her, I would have dropped out last year. Thanks buddy!
Shabana, Me, Alyssa, and Josephine (the nerds!)
I was so stuffed with the awesome masters 'hood' and leis my parents and Jeremiah got for me. (Jer also got me a really cute watch and some spending $$...hooray!) My parents and of course, my Jeremy supported me emotionally, spiritually, and mentally during this really challenging time. I am forever grateful to them for the support they gave me. My son, Jacob, was also my motivation. I hope that I served as an example to him.
My nephew NeyNey, cousins Collin, Courtney, and Megan (the diva!)
My high school buddies...theeeee bestest friends in the whole wide world! I love them!
3/4 of the family...the other 1/4 is MIA.

Grandma Kim...she wanted to attend the graduation so one was able to pick her up to go. Sorry Grams! I love you!
My Uncle Sovandy (Poo-Dy), HAD to give a speech about me. I am a very shy person...very bashful, so I was hot, red, and sweaty the whole time. Despite that, I felt so loved by everyone. Thank you family!

Today after church.
Today before church.
On Friday, we took Jacob for his first swing ride. He loved it! I can't believe how adorable he is!! He is so cuuuuute!

Jacob and car rides = Migraine. He does not like to be restrained AT ALL. He cries and cries and cries. Last week, on the way home from Grandma Horn's house, he cried so hard that he choked and threw up all over his carseat. I had to stop multiple times on the side of the freeway to console him. I just about cried the whole way home. SOOOOOOOOO, Jeremiah and I decided that we needed to put him in the carseat more often and go places everyday. This would, hopefully, get him used to being strapped down. Having said that, on this particular day, I decided to take him to Target and buy him a learning table. The ride was great. He didn't cry on the way there nor while we were shopping. BUT, on the way back, he did! When we got home, I assembled his new toy and he was so happy. I think it was worth the ride! Just look at his smile. Hehehe... Darn teething biscuits...they are so messy.