Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No pictures yet

Today, I went in for my first prenatal visit with my OB/Gyn in Tracy. I was very nervous because I hadn't seen the baby for 3 1/2 weeks on the screen and on top of that, I recently switched doctors because I wanted someone who would be able to deliver the baby. I had a Nurse Practitioner before. Anyway, here is the update. I am 11 wks 4 days into the pregnancy and the baby is growing. I was caught in a big surprise and was ecstatic to see how active the baby was for a little 2 inch person. The picture was so much clearer than I've ever seen or remember seeing. The tiny arms and legs were sticking out. I can actually identify the head and the was awesome! The baby was still for the first five seconds or so, but after was like WHOA! The arms were waving up and down and the legs kicking as well. Baby began to swim sideways and then wave the arms again. Nothing can describe the feeling I felt at that moment. I totally wished Jeremiah and Jacob was there with me, but I was able to bring home two pictures, not so very clear, to share with them. I just need some help scanning and sizing it for the blog and I'll post it later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Thomas Dance

We visited the Oakland Zoo again. We wanted to see the 'new' Australian Exhibit, but there was nothing new to be seen. Nothing changed, except maybe a recorded presentation by someone with an Australian accent. We weren't there for too long because the sun was just beating down on us and I wasn't feeling too well. Jacob was happy to have seen some of his favorite animals below and ride on the train during the short visit.

Below, you are going to watch a series of the "infamous" Thomas the Tank Engine dance. Once we hit the ON DEMAND button on the remote control, Jacob goes wild and would dance and prance around the living room. He recognizes the theme song from a mile away and will get super excited. On this particular day, we've just bought Jacob a new floatable swim gear and he just would NOT let me take it off. He wore it all evening and as you can just made this video so much more fun to watch!! ENJOY!



Thursday, July 15, 2010


Jacob's love for water is undeniable. He is unafraid and will hop in without reservations. He is not scared and believes he is invincible and naturally floatable. Well, that's not the case! So, we decided that bringing him to the pool and letting him experience a bit about what feels good and what doesn't would teach him how to be careful. Umm...aren't we naiive parents?? was a nice try, but we found ourselves chasing after him every minute because he didn't care that he swallowed water or that he fell in half way. With that, Jeremiah doesn't feel comfortable allowing me to bring him to the pool myself or without a lifeguard because Jacob is just that FAST. You can tell by the look on his face that he loves playing in water and is not scared. Sneezing... Choking on some water, but it didn't stop him from swimming some more. Climbing out of the kiddy pool all by himself. Snacking after a long day of being in the water. We decided to get him a flotation device the next day.
First day of swimming lessons with Nicole Brown. She is awesome and does so well with Jacob. I'm glad he responds to her very well because he is so uncomfortable with other adults. Here, he is working on kicking his legs and holding his breath. The latter is quite difficult for him to do.
This is still the first day. The second and third day of lessons, we didn't use the life jacket and he did very well. Second day was tough, but the third day he showed off his kicking skills. He is also very smart. Instead of holding his breath and putting his face in the water to pick up the rings, he'd use his toes and feet to bring them up to the surface and grab them with his hands. Swimming with Dad...


Swimming with Nicole...


Happy Hollow Zoo and Park

We are taking advantage of summertime and bringing Jacob to tons of fun places to visit! After we got back from the doctor's appointment last Friday(everything is fine with baby #2), we took Jacob to the Happy Hollow Zoo and Park in San Jose. It was a cute zoo, but the rides were awesome. He enjoyed the rides because he'd cry when Jeremiah would go pick him up. The rides were free with admission, so we were able to let him go on them several times.

I tried really hard to stick around this area for Jacob, but after I saw a goat jumping on a lady for some food, I immediately left the gated area. I'm glad Jeremiah was there to keep calm for Jacob because he would have reacted to my freaking out yelp.
Jacob is fearless around animals. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? He ran to this area and started making sheep was very cute.

These are crazy lemurs. They were very loud and sounded like they were fighting for food! He had fun on this thing. His first big boy ride and he did pretty awesome. He didn't ring his bell and wouldn't look at us, but he didn't cry to try to get out either. Instead, he cried because he was taken off when the ride was over. We were so proud of him. Danny the Dragon ride which took forever to get on! Nonetheless, he enjoyed riding with his dad.

The Ladybug ride!! Oh we didn't think he would have made it out of this one. The guy almost stopped the ride, but Jacob stayed brave and courageous. The ride goes up and down and I think that scared him. However, when Jeremiah went to pick him up, he cried bc he didn't want to get off. How ironic?!? On the car ride again!
Visiting the sheep...


On the car ride...


On Danny the Dragon ride...


On the Ladybug ride...


Monday, July 12, 2010

Monterey Trip

Jeremiah surprised us with a trip to Monterey for three days last week. It was an absolute blast! It was so nice and relaxing,...except for when Jacob yelled during dinner and threw tantrums while shopping. Other than that, we enjoyed walking around, playing on the beach, going to the aquarium, and eating yummy food. Jacob's favorite part of the trip would have to be the day at the beach. He followed his dad around everywhere and was not afraid of the crashing waves or bugs or anything! After this trip, he has definitely bonded with Jeremiah and is quite attached to him now!

Our first day there, we decided to walk to Dennis the Menace Park which was like a mile and a half away. On the way to the park, we stopped to look at the sea lions sun bathing on the rocks. Jacob was so excited to see and hear them. He screamed and yelled every time we put him in his buggy to continue our walk.

Oh my gosh...if only you knew...he can be a handful! Jeremiah has concluded after this trip that Jacob has inherited my pouting skills. Hmmm...I'm not sure I agree.

Here we are feeding the geese. This is of my top NON-FAVORITE thing to do as a mother. They come up so close and they poop everywhere! It took Jacob awhile to feed them. He kept munching on the popcorn himself. At one point, one of the goose came up and snatched the popcorn right out of his fingers when he wasn't paying attention. He cried because I made a hysterical yelp. Yeah...not something I would do again without Jeremiah there.
We finally get to Dennis the Menace park and the first thing Jacob sees is this huge train. He was thrilled to climb it with his dad.

The battery for our camera was dying (happens all the time when you're on vacay, right?) and I kept trying to videotape Jacob hanging off the bar and by the time the camera was functioning, he was way too tired. He's a pretty strong monkey.
We started the tour at Monterey Bay Aquarium with the penguin feed. It was super cute, but really crowded.
Jacob marveled at all the different ocean creatures he saw at the aquarium with ooohs, ahhhhs, wows, whoas, and yays! He was quite loud too!
Pictures of all animals are posted for Jacob.

The sign said to gently touch the starfish, but Jacob didn't understand that.
Jeremiah had just as much fun as Jacob at the aquarium.

Check out the new wubbanub. We ordered two new ones; a giraffe and a monkey. He ripped the other pacifiers and was sucking air because of the holes.

Spending time at the beach was one of the highlights of this trip for all of us. It was fun to see Jacob play and scream because of how excited he was.
He followed Jeremiah everywhere he went, even over to the rocks. When I went to get him, he'd run faster to catch up with his father.

Jacob did not want to leave. He yelled and kicked when I took off his shorts. He wouldn't even hold our hands while walking up the stairs or the pavement. He looks like a surfer baby, huh?
We were attempting the 17 mile drive, but I got car sick within the first 5 minutes. It was horrible, so we stopped for a bit and then turned around to come home. Can you find Jeremiah in this picture?
On the way home, we stopped by Case de Frutas. It was a small park. It was a nice stop for Jacob. He got to play with trains and even ride 'em. We saw peacocks and other animals too.

Jacob's new "TIMEOUT."

Feeding the geese at Dennis the Menace park.


Going down the 'big kid' slide.


Playing at the beach...listen to him scream in the beginning of the video.