Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pics galore

On our way home from our quarterly parent support group meeting at Dameron Hospital, we stopped by Target in Lathrop (thheeee cleanest Target in the Valley) to get a few things and decided to Jacob some new toys. He loves them! Yeah...those jeans are gettin' tight. Bang, bang, bang!!
He looks so much like his father!
He's such a good sport! He had it on for just four seconds...that's a long time!!! Bought this new buggy from craigslist for $15! It was a steal. It's one of his favorite mobile toys.
Chasing him around the house is always so much fun! He has learned how to expect me to catch him from the other side. Sometimes I can see his shadow against the oven trying to decide which way to go before I get to him! So cute!!
Gotcha Jacob!
Kitchen towels are spread around the entire house! We've hid them in the pantry now. He has learned how to get through the safety latches.
Content after having his first ice cream cone. He was thrilled!
I showed him once to stick out his tongue to lick the ice cream and he caught on real fast!
He stood there for a long time just licking the ice cream. He wouldn't move.
Playing with the Easter basket Grandma Horn gave him. He is so silly. We had to grab the camera to take a shot of his silliness.
He knows when he's silly too...just look at that grin!
"Look Mom! No hands!"
Playing fetch with Gracie while the weather is nice and breezy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun at Yan's

Took a day off and spent time with some neighborhood friends.
Where does he go when he can't get his way? Underneath the breakfast table.

Over at Yan's (a block away) playing with Hayley and Sienna.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun weekend with Junior

The family L to R: Sreynoun (SIL), Ray (bro), Stephanie (sis), Paul (BIL), Isabel (niece), San (dad), Remona (mom), Jacob (son), Jeremiah (husband), me, Jason (nephew, Kim (grandma), and Junior (nephew). MIA: Sokimna (sis), Enrico (BIL), Erin (niece), Eli (nephew), Monica (sister), and Daniel (BIL).
Jacob and Mama (Grandma Horn) at Great Grandma Kim's 80th birthday celebration at Silver Dragon Restaurant. Fun in the sun with Junior.

At Grandma's house...

We did not let him go on the play structure! It looked disgusting and smelled bad.
Jacob was curious though!!! (The man in the background was a pervert!! I won't tell you what he did when I walked by him...ugh...yuck)

Timeout on the spot...he was uncooperative...what was I thinking??

Rocking out to Air Supply with Uncle Adam.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Just Jacob


Jacob's Developmental Status

Last week, Jacob had his annual prevention assessment. Here are the developmental status of his choronological age of 18 months; adjusted age of 15 months:

~Adaptive/Self-Help: 18 months, development appears to be on schedule
~Cognitive: 12 months, development to be mildly delayed
~Communication: 13 months, dvelopment appears to be on schedule
~Physical-Gross & Fine Motor: 16-18 months, development appears to be on schedule
~Social/Emotional: 33 months, development appears to be on schedule

~He will be screened again in the next 3-6 months

Playing with Gracie in the backyard. She got a little energetic and accidentally lept over Jacob and knocked him off his car. He had a slight bloody nose, but nothing a nice bubble bath couldn't fix. =)

Jeremiah's "eyebrows"

The bone that ended up in his mouth when we turned away...so gross!!!
Playing baseball with him was a great idea, except when Gracie tried to grab it from him and run away with it.
Nice weather = go on a walk and play at the park

He had a somewhat fun time on the swings. However, he'd rather be climbing on the slide.

We are learning to give him autonomy with his food. He did extremely well eating his cereal bar with the wrapper on. He was very clean.
So cute...look at his lips!!
Still eating...
Hehehe...funny...look at his fingers.
Playing at home...
Hanging out at Junior's!
Poured the cereal all over the carpet while I was busy talking to my sister, Monica, on the phone. Then, decided to stomp and crush them while he was at it...=/

He turned around quickly when I said, "Jacob!!!"

One of his grumpiest moods of the day...all he wants is to be held by mommy.
Anything and everything goes into his 'personal' drawer...especially daddy's remote control.