Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progesterone Shot

Today's appointment went well. We heard the baby's heartbeat and was able to get an ultrasound. I feel so much better. I also received my first progesterone shot and it went a million times better than I had imagined. The needle was thick, but it was not painful...just a small pinch. I will get the same shot every week for four months. It's really not that bad. I guess I can sleep better at night now since I know what to expect each week.

We have successfully weaned Jacob off the bottle for a week and a half now. The transition was so smooth! We are now working on getting him to sleep on his own THOMAS bed. =) After we accomplish that goal, the pacifier will be taken away. That will be difficult for us because he's so attached to it. Lastly, we've got to get him potty trained before the next baby and get him ready for preschool next August. WOW...Jacob has a big year ahead of him. We've also started him on the Your Baby Can Read program. I think it's a great investment and we definitely enjoy the quality time that comes along with teaching him new words and new skills.

Our babysitter is awesome, she has a lot of patience with him and diligently works with him. We were so happy to come home and see his art project posted on our fridge. We are lucky to have her with us.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jacob is 2 years old!

Jacob turned two today! We were really fortunate that one of our good friends gave Jacob a set of 15+ Thomas and Friends trains and a complete set of tracks with all sorts of fun stuff. That saved us at least 250.00! Jacob has been super busy the last few days playing with them. So, for his birthday, we decided to buy him a train table to go with it. After putting him down to bed, Jeremiah quickly put the table together. However, it took the both of us about two hours to figure out how put the tracks together. It was so funny. We were trying to make it fancy and nice. We finally went to bed and I couldn't sleep at all because I was too excited to surprise Jacob in the morning. Well, we woke him up and he wasn't too thrilled about that...a few tears, but when he walked into the family room and saw the train set...boy, was he happy! He didn't want to show his excitement right away, but after a few seconds, you can see him grinning ear to ear! He must have had a busy day because when I got home at 11:30 today, I saw both of the boys sprawled out on the couch, fast asleep!

So how am I doing? I haven't posted for quite some time about the pregnancy because I've been worried. Just last week, I experienced some sharp pains and cramps and tried to wait it out for my appointment today with the perinatologist. The pain got worst and by 9pm the next night, I finally called the nurse. She recommended seeing a doctor because of my history with pre-term labor. I went in and the doctor told me that he was going to do a cervical exam. I said, NO, but knew it had to be done to figure out why I was hurting so much. Well, it turned out to be some ligament pain, which the nurse on the phone said I was too early in my pregnancy to experience. Since then, I've had the same pains here and there, but not as bad. Last night, I finally cried, for the first time, during this pregnancy because of the overwhelming stress and worry I put on myself. I honestly don't know how to deal with it. I've put my faith and trust in the Lord, but sometimes I think about whether or not I would be able to go through what I did with Jacob again. It scares me. Jeremiah is definitely a blessing because he pulls me out of my lowest point when he sees how stressed I get. I just hope and pray that everything goes well with this pregnancy. I will try to video the sonogram today, if given permission, and post it for everyone to see. I also have a video of Jacob's surprise this morning...on top of the last sonogram picture. Geez, I'm so behind! :p Ohhh...and pics from our last trips to Monterey Bay, Six Flags, and of course his bday party at Grandma's house!
Okay, back from the appointment and it's a little past 6:30 pm. Didn't want to start a new post since today is such a special day for Jacob. According to Dr. Graham, pics from the sonogram looked good. (I SERIOUSLY DO NOT understand why the technician didn't let me see the baby on the screen. She was horrible and unprofessional. She dropped a sterile latex glove on the floor, picked it up, and placed it back in the sterile box! Like...seriously?!?!) Anyway, Dr. Graham was great...very nice. Since my preterm labor was an "unknown cause," my chances of a recurrent PTL is a lot higher. One intervention at this point will be progesterone shots, which will decrease my risk of PTL by 33%. I will get them weekly until 34 weeks. On top of that, I'll see Dr. Graham every two weeks and my regular OB/GYN each month. If they notice that my cervix is thinning or something like that, the second intervention will be to get a cerclage. I'm totally bummed that I did not get to see the baby today. I do not like this Kaiser facility nor do I like their staff, except for Dr. Graham...but, I love my family and I love that I'm pregnant! I'm so blessed.