Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob has turned ONE!
Happy happy birthday Jacob dear,
Happy days will come to you all year,
If I had one wish,
Then it would be,
A happy happy birthday to you from me.
As first time parents, you're going to have to forgive us for scheduling your doctor appointment on your first birthday. First of all, we did NOT know that you were going to get four different vaccinations at this appointment, otherwise, we would have scheduled the appointment on a different day. Since you were sore and upset, we did not give you your treat until the next day. I think you were okay with that. =)
Though you had tears when we gave you your first serving of chocolate pudding (COLD chocolate pudding, that is) on your birthday, you finally gave in after Daddy warmed it up by swirling the pudding with his finger until it was the right temperature for you. We enjoyed watching you play and eat. We also thought about how blessed and how happy we have been since you've entered our lives. You took our breath away when you first entered this world...and you continue to take our breath away each and everyday. We love you so much Jacob. You bring so much joy to our lives. Happy Birthday, Cuddle Bear.

Your early (three weeks before) birthday party at Mama's and Kong-Kong's house. It was lots of fun.
Aunt Amy's present for you on your first birthday.

Your first try at mommy's cupcake.When mommy took the cupcake away, you were DEFINITELY NOT happy. Sorry Grump-a-saurous!