Friday, October 31, 2008

Like Father...Like Son...

This is a picture of Jeremiah...
This is a picture of Jacob...



Look at how much I've grown...I'm so alert now!!

Jacob had a great day today. Nurse Luisa gave me some tips on how to make feeding time enjoyable and non-stressful for both Jacob and myself. Those tips really worked! She's awesome! Jacob and Nurse Luisa has some sort of connection. For a while today, he was onre and restless...every time Luisa came by to hold him, he got very quiet and his heart rate went back to the normal range. When she left him with me, he would get upset again. I think he has a crush on her!! hehee...

Jacob's appetite is bigger now...he wants MORE! We try not to give him too much b/c of his reflux and how small he is. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same. I don't know his weight yet b/c I haven't called the NICU. I hope he gains weight...I think he burned a lot of calories today when he was unhappy. He had a big...I mean "BIG" poopie diaper and it didn't cross my mind that he probably needed a diaper change until Luisa brought it up. *sigh* I some times worry about my mothering skills...poor Jacob...=)
JUST CALLED THE NICU at 10:10...he weighs 5 lbs. 6.3 oz.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two letters...

 know what I'm talking about...the two letters that most, if not all, NICU moms hate...I'll get back to this later!

Anyway, Jacob had a wonderful day! He passed his car seat challenge and the hearing screening. Wahoo!! I'm so relieved. Now all we need to do is get past the eye exam and the circumcision (sp?). He's still on vitamins and reflux meds...eating 50 mL and weighing 5 lbs. 3 oz. Words can't describe how proud I am of Jacob...he is working soooooo hard and making huge strides.
Now going back to those two nasty letters...Jacob's discharge date has changed due to the A's and B's he had today...he had 2 during feeding. We are still in a state of mix emotions, BUT we are extremely thankful that it happened before he was discharged from the NICU. I CANNOT imagine having that happen tomorrow night at home by myself. I'd be scared to death. On my drive home I thought about how this was perfect timing. In my prayers, I always ask that Jacob communicate with his nurses and doctors for the things that he needs and that they would be attentive to his's incident was an answer to my prayers. =) He needed more time.

PICTURES: Baby Jackle in an open crib (Dameron's pumpkin contest), Jacob sound asleep before hands-on, car seat challenge, and the coolest most greatest NICU nurse ever- Nurse Christine (my NICU mommy)!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All is well with Jacob. Things are pretty much the same...don't know his weight yet because I haven't called tonight. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out if Jacob is really ready to come home in 2 days...yes, in 2 days! This is according to my conversation today with Dr. Simko and Nurse Tanya. I misunderstood how they counted the A's and B's. Last one written on the chart was 10/24. If he doesn't have any in the next 2 days, there's a possibility that he might be coming home. I'm excited, happy, worried, nervous, anxious, scared...a whole bunch of mixed emotions.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Surprise! I'm 5 lbs. 1.2 oz now! I made it!! By the way, can you tell what I am for Halloween? (E-Ca can take me to all of the Oakland A's games with her now!!)

Mommy...Daddy...hurry and take the picture!

My mommy and daddy bought my costume from Build-a-Bear! It fits me just right!
Oh did I tell you...that I'm 5 pounds now!!!

Quick update

Just a quick update before I leave for class tonight...

Jacob is doing very well. He can come home as soon as his A's and B's diminish. He had 2 A's and B's yesterday afternoon. Most, if not all, are due to feeding/burping.

He weighs 4 lbs. 14.4. He's back on reglan and pepcid for reflux. His feeding has also changed from every 4 hours to every 3; taking 50-55 mLs. He has received 2 immunization shots and his third will be tomorrow. He's still getting epogen shots every M, W, and F.

When I get home tonight, I'll post some new pics that are ABSOLUTELY A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! He's all ready for Halloween! Come back and check to see what he's going to be for Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad-
Just a note about my day
Swaddled in my fabric nest
I had good rest
I drank all my milk
And you'll be so proud
I even BURPED really loud
But all the day
I looked for you
My special time to snuggle too!
Though lots of kisses came my way
It is still your touch
That makes my day!
Love- Jacob
Written by: Nurse Sharon

When we visited Jacob this morning, this poem was attached to his crib. It was written by Nurse Sharon yesterday when we were away (my first time ever going through a day without seeing him!), who is, by the way, one of the best nurses in the NICU...along with Christine, Angela, Maria, Tita, Tanya, Natalie, Luisa, Lolita, Arlyn, and many many more! It truly touched our hearts to know that Jacob will always be in good hands when we are away!

Jacob is doing very well. He's eating and growing! He weighs 4 lbs. 11.8 oz. We don't know how much he's gained today, but we'll find out tomorrow! Right now, Jacob's goal is to outgrow his A's and B's. We are so positive that it will happen, but it still frightens us when it occurs occasionally. I should get used to it by now, but it's kinda scary! He also spits up during or after feeding. I wonder if his reflux is bugging him and causing these occasional A's and B's. I'll ask tomorrow.

Today we had a really good and spiritual Ward Conference. President Crockett said something that made me ponder about the things that are happening in my life right now. It helped me realize how blessed I am to have a loving family and a beautiful son who has shown me so much about perserverance and love. I can't quote President Crockett exactly, but he said something like, "When the greatest storm passes, it is then when we will have the greatest joy." This is so true. If we accept our trials with faith that the Lord and Savior will guide us, we will truly reap the blessings that are in store for us. I know that Jacob has a great purpose in this life. When I was in the hospital and received priesthood blessings, I had great comfort knowing that Jacob was placed on this earth at the right time. I felt so fortunate to be trusted by our Heavenly Father to bring this beautiful, innocent child into this world. He knew that it would be hard, but that it would be worth it if I endured to the end. I honestly cannot deny the happiness and warmth of the spirit that has been brought into our home and our lives. Although I have really tough days at the hospital, I come home and know in my heart that this time in my life will strengthen the bonds of my family and my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mommy...Daddy...where are you?

Today was such a long day! I had a seminar in San Francisco from 10 am- 4pm and Jer had to work so we didn't get to be with Jacob at all! =( It was hard! Fortunately, he had a great nurse (Sharon), so it gave us a piece of mind because she looooves him so much and we knew he was in good hands.

We learned that Jacob had a brady after one of his feedings today. This means we'll have to wait another 7 days without any bradys before considering discharge. Besides that, everything went very well. When we called tonight, we learned that his temp was 36.3. We were told that this was on the cold side, but his night shift nurse said it was normal. Now we're a bit confused. Can anyone clarify? Anyway, Jacob has gained more weight! He is now 4 lbs. 11.8 oz. Hooray! Almost 5!

It was a long day and though we weren't there with him, Jacob received tons and tons of kisses from his favorite NICU nurses so he felt lots of love today!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I luv my wubbanub!

Resting after feeding...(look at his cheeks...sooooo cute!)
"My mommy bought me a wubbanub (paci)...I like it a lot!"

Jacob had a good day today. He did very well...he's such a good boy. I don't think I'm fast enough when changing his diaper and taking his temp because he cries louder and louder as I'm rushing to get it done and give him the milk. He just gets sooo hungry! I usually have drops of sweat on my forehead and nose by the time I'm through! hehehe...

Well, he did not have any A's and B's today. That's so great! He is still taking 60 mL with different vitamins and folic acid. He doesn't care too much for the multi-vitamins ...sometimes his O2 goes down. It's funny b/c it happens to most of the babies there has a bad taste and smell. I don't blame them!

Before I go to bed and put my warm Alton Brown's thin & crispy chocolate chip cookies away (Soke's I know your mouth is watering), I ought to tell you that Jacob gained some more weight tonight. He's 4 lbs. 9.4 oz!!!! And...I finished most of my homework, although I didn't get to read much of Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse b/c I was too scared since Jeremiah wasn't home yet (I had a nightmare last night...I dreamt that vampires were flying around in the NICU and I couldn't get to Jacob). I had to wake Jeremiah up in the middle of the night b/c I was so scared. If I'm brave enough, maybe I'll make another attempt to read before going to bed! =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doing better...

Mr. Jacob was very hungry...his hands were all over the place...
This is during his blood transfusion on can see that his face is getting pinker...

He got impatient with warming his bottle, so he decided to suck his thumb...the thumb where the IV site was for the was cute...but I have to admit that I was kinda scared. =)

Things are getting better for Jacob. The blood transfusion seems to be helping a lot. He's feeding better for the nurses, not quite for me yet. I never imagined feeding and burping to be so difficult.

Jacob had another A and B today while I was at the hospital. He didn't turn dusky. The machine rang twice and then we noticed his oxygen and heart rate going down at the same time. He is feeding between 55-60 mL, still getting extra vitamins. His temperature has been steady. He's located in one of the coldest parts of the room, so they've been double wrapping/swaddling him to make sure he stays warm. And, after 3 days of no weight gain, he has finally gain some weight tonight. He is 4 lbs. 7.1...almost 4 1/2 pounds.

I forgot to mention that Jacob loves the water. Nurse Arlyn gave him a bath last Tuesday and she said he LOVED it and cried when she took him out. Nurse Siji told me the same thing tonight...I hope he continues to love the water b/c I think it's one of the hardest things to do besides feeding, burping, and clipping nails. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have class tonight, so my chances of updating the blog when I get home is slim to none!

Yesterday was an extremely difficult day for me. It was so overwhelming. I kept reminding myself of the "Cobblestone Road" to make it through the day. I think the nurses sensed that I was ready to break down and cry any second. It was hard to keep up with Jacob's schedule...I think he was overstimulated as well. He didn't have a good day either. I was happy to come home to Jeremiah who consoled me and...cooked one of my favorite dinners!

First thing in the morning yesterday, he had a head ultrasound. Before that could even happen, Dr. Hipolito told me that he was going to have a blood transfusion because his hematocrit level went up from 24 to 27. The normal range is 36-48...I think. Anyway, that would start at 11 and end at 3. During the transfusion, I learned that he was going to have his eye exam for retinophathy. *sigh* Oh, I forgot to mention that he also got his epogen (sp?) shot earlier that morning. All the while during his feedings, he would desat VERY BADLY which required MANY MANY blow-bys. He even had A's and B's. One nurse even mentioned putting the nasal cannula back to assist him with jaw nearly dropped and I almost passed out! All of a sudden, I began picturing the gavage, the isolette, etc. This couldn't be happening...not now. AND...he didn't gain any weight. After all of this, as stressful as it was, we felt so blessed to know that his head ultrasound came back normal, his blood transfusion went very well, and his eye exam results showed that he had a mild case of retinopathy...Stage 1-Zone III. "ROP that is stage 1 Zone 3 will almost always disappear on its own." (Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies)

Today his day was more relaxed, though we stumbled across similar challenges yesterday. He nippled without desatting and was awake for the duration of his feeding. However, during burping time, he'd hold his breath and turn pale. Hopefully, once his RBC oxygenates, he'll do better. As of right now, I'm unsure about the next step. Would he need caffeine? Pepcid and/or reglan? Put him back on the cannula? Give him the gavage? We'll have to trust the doctors' and nurses' decisions to help Jacob get better.

I forgot to mention that last night when we returned to visit Jacob in the hospital, Jeremiah gave him a priesthood blessing. After that, we tucked him into bed and before we left his bedside, his oxygen saturation went to 100. It was the first 100 all day! The Lord heard our prayers and knew we needed comfort at that moment. He also blessed Jacob with the comfort of the Spirit.

I'll try to upload pictures when I get back from school...if not, you'll have to wait until tomorrow! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm (NOT) ready!!

Do you like this outfit?
this one?
or this one?
Yikes...where do I start? I haven't updated the blog for a couple of days b/c I've been so busy with school and my exhaustion is not leaving me with any time to do anything! Jacob has been doing okay. We are learning that he is not quite ready to come home. He has been desatting a few times during feeding; requiring blow-bys (oxygen). This happened last Thursday and today. As a matter of fact, he had an A and B today when I was holding him. I notice his color change and started to stimulate him. Before I knew it, the machine began to go off. It was kind of sad, but again, it's his way of letting us know that he's not ready. It's good b/c I would be scared to death if that were to happen at home!
Nurse Sharon is absoultely great! She goes the extra mile with Jacob and with us too! She placed his crib flat (he's going to have to sleep flat on his back when he comes home) and he didn't respond very well. Again, his signal of saying..."I'm not ready!" We also planned on watching the CPR video (required before hospital discharge) this evening, but his machine kept alarming and we had to pause several times resulting in not watching at all. THEN...our plan was to give him a bath, but his temperature was, we didn't do that either. Our visit ended with his A and B. Poor little guy...but, I think it was harder for us than it was for him! Jeremiah and I felt so stressed out!
Tomorrow, Jacob will get a head ultrasound so please pray for him! He will also get an eye exam this week...a possible blood transfusion tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He's thinking about what life would be like after the NICU...


A bad case of the hiccups...

Jacob had a great day! He slept, ate, and pooped. He's doing an outstanding job. His feeding is up to 50 mL (almost 2 ounces). He's eating every 4 hours instead of 3. The nurses told me that it's a step's a sign that it's almost time to go home. =) He's doing very A's and B's (just desatting during feeding) and no projectile vommiting. This means he's gaining weight! Jacob is now 4 lbs. 1.2 oz! Yay, the big 4!

Jacob is also getting epogen (sp?) shots every M, W, & F. This is to help him reproduce more blood cells.

Monday, October 13, 2008

2 weeks? huh? what?

He's hungry...
He's really hungry!
Couldn't wait for the bottle...
After feeding time...Notice anything about his face? Jacob's tiny toes!
Could you believe that Jacob could possibly be coming home in 2 weeks? Yes, 2 weeks! Jacob is growing and making so much progress. He is bottle feeding for every feeding. The doctor ordered for him to eat as much as he wants now! He's going to be a lil chunky monkey pretty soon. According to the doctor, his last official A and B was on the 7th. With that, he decided to not prescribe caffeine, reglan, and pepcid. Jacob is only on vitamins now. He'll be closely monitored to make sure he's doing okay with all of the adjustments. Things are looking good for the little guy...he just need to work on the A and B stuff. When the nurses told me a couple of weeks ago that he'll outgrow the A's and B's, I honestly did not understand what that meant. Now I do! Before, he use to have over 10 a day. Now, he has about 0-2 a day. That's a big difference! He's definitely outgrowing them! It just seems like he's making these big leaps and bounds all at's so awesome!
WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 15.3 oz
TEMP: 36.6-37.1 celcius
STOOL: 4-6/day
FEEDING: unlimited!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Keep scrolling down...

Jacob likes to sleep with his hands up like this. He looks so peaceful.
Every night at 9:00, the nurse weighs him. Here we found out that he's 3 lbs. 11.1 oz. He was very fussy during the weigh in b/c he was so hungry. He finished his bottle in about 15 minutes afterwards. Can you figure out what happened in this picture? You're right! They took him out of his isolette and put him into an open crib. I was soooo happy! Now, I have to get used to changing his diaper vertically instead of horizontally like before. =)
This is the beautiful scenery that we've missed over the past couple of weeks. Now that he's in an open crib, we'll be able to see across the room. (His crib is the one with the pooh cover.)
Here he is so comfortable sleeping on his dad. Actually, they both fell asleep when I read, The Cat in the Hat. They are both so cute! Tonight, Jacob finished his bottle in less than 15 minutes and burped very well. He's doing so much better during feeding. He's not desatting like he used to. Nurse Sharon taught us a feeding technic and since then, his saturation level has been in the upper 90's and even 100. He now weighs 3 lbs. 12.9. He hasn't had any A's and B's since the 8th. Often times...well, all of the time, I get really worried even though Jacob has made progress. Today, I realized I needed to count my blessings and trust that Heavenly Father has a great and marvelous plan for Jacob. Each day, we marvel at all of the things he is able to do for a little guy like him. He continues to amaze us!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stressful Day

Today was a stressful day. Jacob had an eye exam. The picture to the left shows the Cyclops-looking foamy goggles they put on him after his exam. The doctor said he's doing okay for right now and will get a follow up exam in two weeks. His blood vessels behind his retina haven't yet reached the the area its supposed to be at this time. (I don't think I'm explaining it right...) Anyway, she said he's at a Stage 1 and 2 and Zone 3. Do you get it?

Anyway, he also had a hard time keeping his saturation level and heart rate up during his bottle feeding with was sooooo scary! They had to give him blow-bys (sp?). I think it was my fault b/c his next feeding with the nurse went very well. He didn't desat at all. That's good news after a very long, long, long day.

Besides that, Jacob gained some more weight. He's 3 lbs. 10.5 oz. Everything is pretty much the same. Did I mention that his nasal cannula came off? =) He's such a cutie! Well...Jacob's NICU buddy graduated today and went home. It was a happy day for us all, but we're sure going to miss little Jay Jay.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's different about me today?

Take a close look at me...what's different about me today?

Jacob is making tremendous growth. This morning when we arrived, we noticed that his nasal cannula was taken off. We were so ecstatic! I think I was sort of jumping up and down. We were so excited for Jacob! He has been doing so well with keeping up his saturation level for the past few days. Though it is super exciting, there is a possiblity he might go back on the cannula if he needs too. We understand if it has to happen...but boy, were we so proud of our son!
Jacob now weighs 3 lbs. 9.5 oz! (on Monday he was 3 lbs. 8.4 oz). His feeding is up to 33 mL, bottle feeding every 6 hours and through the gavage the other 6. For his morning feedings, I usually breastfeed him for 10 minutes and then gavage his regular feeding. So, Jacob is eating a lot and hopefully continuing to gain weight consistently. His caffeine increased b/c he still has A's and B' at 5 am and then at 3 and 4 pm today. It sucks! He's still getting his reflux meds and lots of vitamins. His temperature is also pretty stable. When he reaches 1700 grams in weight, he'll be able to graduate to an open crib...that is if he continues to gain weight and not lose any! Before you know it, he'll be home soon! =)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First tub bath!

Jacob had his first tub bath today! When we visited this evening, Nurse Tanya gave us two pictures of him taking his bath. It's absolutely beautiful, but I wish we were there! It's okay, like Jeremiah said...we'll have plenty of opportunities to give him baths. =)
Lots of big things happening with Jacob. He is now on 1 liter for his nasal cannula. Dr. Hipolito told me tonight that if he does well with it, there's a good possibility it will come off tomorrow! Oh, I hope he doesn't have lots of A's and B's tonight! He had 2 last night and one this afternoon. The doctor said he'll grow out of it. On top of that great news, we were informed that he will be bottle feeding every other hands on time. That means every 6 hours instead of 12. Before we know it, he'll be bottle feeding every feeding! Hopefully, this will help him gain weight...though it also means he'll have to use more energy...thus, maybe losing weight??? And...he is now 1524 grams...3 lbs. 6 oz (ONE whole pound from his birth weight). If he continues to gain and control his temp., he'll be able to graduate from the isolette to an open crib. Seems like a lot, but these are things we are hoping he'll be able to do within the next month. We'll be there every step of the way to watch him, love him, and help him grow! It's so exciting.
BTW- Grandma Sorensen is here to visit again! Wahoo!!! Grandpa's ward at BYU-Utah is working on a "little special surprise" for all of Jacob's NICU neighbors! We can't wait!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My kid...a genius?

Is he trying to tell me something in sign language? He's a genuis already! hehehe... Isn't this just absolutely adorable? It took him a while to figure out what to do with his thumb!
This is how he sometimes like to's his comfy position. Thanks Nurse Natalie!


Jacob had a good day. He weighs 3 lbs. 4.9 oz...had 3 A's and B's last night...temperature kind of warm...bowel movements residual...still on caffeine, reglan, pepcid, Vit.E, folic acid, and multivitamins. Lots huh??! It's okay...the Doc knows what he's doing and Jacob is tolerating it just fine, except his stool is sometimes kind of darker than usual. The Nurse reassured me that it's normal and not to stress about it.

Check out the video- Jacob was moving his hand around and by accident, he placed his thumb in his mouth. Because it was there, he began sucking and it was sooooo cute! We know it was by accident b/c babies usually make a fist when their thumb is in their mouth...Jacob didn't. You can also tell with his eye movements. I think it was a little strange for him! =) Meanwhile, he used his other fingers to pull on his gavage and nasal cannula. What a kid! He knew we needed that humor today. We had a good laugh!

He did not have the eye exam today. The doctor never called back to confirm. I was on the edge of my seat just worrying... I tried to stay positive, I really did, but it was kind of hard. Jeremiah calmed some of my fears by taking me out on a date to Elephant Bar. It was soooooooo good. We topped it off with the best Creme Brulee...well, it's actually second best to Monterey Bay's Fisherman's Wharf, but it was delicious. Now, we can't wait to have family time with Jacob and take him to restaurants, musement parks, museums, etc. with us when he's healthy and old enough.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sooooo cute!

Jacob is growing and is now very alert! Jeremiah couldn't believe how much he's grown since Sunday (he wasn't able to see him for 3 days b/c of work). His cheeks are getting bigger and he's filling out more. He's so adorable!

Jacob had a really good day. He's doing well with the bottle. He has gain some weight too...he's 3 lbs. 4.5 oz...No A's and B's today...temperature is steady...bowel movements residuals...slept well for Nurse Natalie.

Tomorrow, will be a big day for Jacob (for us too)! It's his first eye exam. It's going to be uncomfortable and we know he's going to cry! They have to hold his head still and stuff. It's part of a routine check up for preemies, especially b/c they're on oxygen. Please pray for him tonight!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jacob had a good day. He was very comfortable and slept a lot. His feeding increased to 30 mLs, which is equivalent to 1 oz! With that, his bowel movements are getting larger too. He didn't have any huge A's and B's while I was at the hospital today (8:30-5:30). For any that he might have had, he pretty much recovered on his own without any stimulation.

Today Nurse Tanya put him to my breast while he was feeding via the gavage. I think it's going to be super difficult! She was really good and I actually felt Jacob suck a few times. She said it'll get easier...I hope so! He continues to nipple (bottle) once each shift. He's working on perfecting this skill. This evening, he was only able to nipple 24 mLs, so they had to gavage the other 6.

I took some really great photos today, but somehow it's not popping onto my desktop to download. I'll try again tomorrow. *sigh* Sorry everyone!