Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up and around



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jacob's new horse

Daddy surprised Jacob with a new toy...a rocking horse! Jacob is a little reluctant to ride it because it's unfamiliar, but I'm sure in a few days, he'll be brave and ride it. It's pretty neat. It neighs and makes galloping sounds. The head rocks back and forth and the tail does too. I really like Robeez, Pedipeds, and See Kai Run shoes, but didn't feel like driving all the way to Modesto or Pleasanton for the mall to get them, so I stopped by the Tracy Outlets and bought what I could find. Fortunately, we were able to find Nike walking shoes that were on clearance for $20 and the lady discounted it to $15 because it had some dirt marks on the side. Again, because it's new, Jacob doesn't walk in it just yet. By the way, he's a size 5...bigggg feeet! Jacob is pouting because I took a toy away from him. He likes to chew on everything, especially paper and reading books. In this video, I took a piece of plastic toy away from it.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our baby is walking!

Jacob is walking! YES...walking!! He began taking small steps about a week and a half ago. This weekend he took more steps and walked all over the place. He is such an amazing boy. I am so so sooooo proud of him. It's so much fun watching him walk too. He gets so much better each day. Jer and I kept calling each other to look at Jacob as he walked from point A to point B. It's such an amazing feeling to see your baby walk...it's indescribable! I tried catching it on video, but he'd stop, drop, and crawl over to grab the video camera. I'll work on getting it on video because it's a must see!

Thank you Aunt Maricia for Jacob's absolutely adorable beanie! We love it! It comes with a pair of mittens too. We're getting ready for winter...
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen for Jacob's blanket! He looooves it! We do too!
And...a thank you to Aunt Sokimna for Jacob's BYU shirt. I think Jeremy loves it more though. Hehehe...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Milestones & BYU boys

Jacob has picked up a lot of new skills in the past month.

1. Jacob is learning how to walk. As of late, he has taken six steps all on his own. With help, he is able to walk around for much longer.

2. Jacob can pick up food and place it in his mouth.

3. Jacob has six teeth; four on top and two on the bottom.

4. Jacob still sleeps with us. Despite the kicks in the ribs at two in the morning, we honestly would not have it any other way. We joke around about how nice it would be if he'd sleep in his room, but we'd rather cuddle with him any chance we can get.

5. Jacob has learned how to squiggle and squirm out of his bumbo. (3 months ago)

6. Jacob is transitioning to whole milk. We are on day two and it's not looking too good.

7. Jacob can climb very well.

8. Jacob's favorite song for me to sing in the car is, Sally the Camel and The Green Grass.

9. Jacob loves to play with my ear lobes.

10. Jacob loves to kiss me. Sometimes he likes to sneak in a bite...ouch!

11. Jacob bites.

12. Jacob has learned how to turn the knob to get the water ready for his bath. (He learned this all on his own! It totally surprised me.)

13. Two things will keep him totally still...one, Taylor Swift and two, cleaning his ears with q-tips.

14. Jacob hates strollers and carseats.

15. Jacob loooooves to be read to.

Below are some pictures of Jacob.
Jacob is standing right next to his first outfit, first pacifier, and first sized diaper.
First diaper and curent diaper ...
He's getting taller...
Jacob with his first Halloween costume...(check October 2008 posts for pics of him in this costume)
My BYU boys...Jacob with his cousin, Eli Jacob

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All About Jacob

Crawling around while waiting for his Nanny Edith to arrive. Jacob doesn't cry when I leave to go to work. However, he does cry when Edith leaves. He loves his Edith. We love her too.
Jacob's first haircut given by Grandma Horn. He was soooo good. He didn't cry at all. As a matter of fact, he was more curious than he was scared. I was so proud of him. His new cut. It looks so good. Grandma did a fabulous job!
Grandma and Jacob after the cut. Grandma gave him a luxurious bath afterwards...what a package!
During the cut...(somehow the pictures aren't loading in order...don't know how to fix it)

You'd think a size 24-36 month costume would fit, but we were wrong. The turtle costume was sooo cute, but we had to return it because it wouldn't zip up all the way.

One of Jacob funnies...climbing on EVERYTHING! It's Taylor Swifts fault. The other day she was on TV singing and Jacob climbed up on the bean bag...stood there looking up, listening to her sing. We were surprised bc he was still for a good two minutes watching her sing. Now, he does it all the time.
Jacob funnies #2...banging on the laptop. We bought him one so he could bang it all he wants, but NOOOOO, he'd rather bang our laptop. As soon as he sees the laptop, he drops what he's doing and reaches for the keys while on his tippy toes to hit the keys. He's very funny.

The NICU support group meeting held monthly. This is our good friend, Aimee Hensley, and her miracle daughter, Julia Grace. She is only 6 1/2 month old. She's as long as Jacob...hehehe.

A MUST SEE: This is what happens when I say, "No...uh-uh, Jacob."