Thursday, May 7, 2009

So much many blessings!

GREAT NEWS: you'll just have to wait...

okay...I had to write this post earlier because I knew I wouldn't be able to add anything until late or super early this morning (it's 12:49 am right now). I have been working on my research paper, thesis, portfolio, whatever you want to call it, for my masters program. I can't do it during the day because Jacob demands my time, so I work on it when both Jeremiah and Jacob are asleep!

The great news is that one, Jacob is crawling (short distances) and that he has now reached his chronological age with gross motor and fine motor movements!! It's a huge milestone for him! His occupational therapist came today to reassess his skills and she found that he exceeded his goals and is now working on developing skills for a 9 month old baby. Jacob is a little over 8 months old (chronologically), but only 5 mths old (adjusted age). Jacob is just an amazing miracle baby! To think that he was a micropreemie born at 26 weeks weighing 2 lbs. 6 oz. is unbelievable! He has made a lot of progress. We are so blessed! He has done so well because of all the prayers and fasting family and friends have made. In addition to that, I know Heavenly Father has blessed us with the spirit to prompt us on a daily basis on how to be good parents to Jacob. We are so happy and so proud of our son. It makes me want to cry just thinking about how far he has come...

Now time for pictures...everybody loves pictures, so I've posted quite a few below!

Therapy session: Grabbing, there are three ways of grabbing. First, grabbing with the fist. Second, grabbing with three fingers. Last, and most advance, grabbing with thumb and pointing finger. Jacob proved that he's advanced. =)

He was not happy when his therapist tried to put the toy away...he screamed, so she let him play with it for a few more seconds.

Here, Jacob is saying, "Yeah, I'm the man!"
Here, Jacob is grabbing a very tiny toy.
And...he did it!
First time eating was a mess, but he finished the whole thing! By the way, we have washed that swing cover a million times! I loove that it is washable!
Cleaning up after getting food all over his face, underneath his thighs and in between his fingers. So now you know how exhausted I am at the end of the day. (He has six bottles at 5 oz. each, two meals, and a dessert)
We've lowered the mattress on the playard. We can't trust him alone anymore...he'll pull himself up and stick his bum in the air.
What can I say...the little boy loves the camera!
We went shopping at the outlet in Tracy on Tuesday. We bought Jacob new clothes because he outgrew almost everything in a short time span. He is now wearing 12 mths. sized clothing. I love this onesie..we bought quite a few of them.
First walk with the family...FINALLY! Gracie was really good, except when she got too excited and stepped on the brakes on the front wheels without me knowing until we got home. I was totally wondering why the wheels wouldn't turn...should have known...then was my first time strolling Jacob for that long. Hehehe...
Jacob wouldn't stay in the reclining position...we had to sit him all the way up.
He only lasts about 3 minutes in this playard.
Trying to prove to his developmental teacher that he CAN sit on his own for more than 30 seconds. He can sit for a long time, actually.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr. Handful

Jacob is learning how to do lots of stuff! He has become quite a handful. He tires us out, but it's so much fun just watching him grow and learning new things. The pictures below tells it all...