Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jake's first day of preschool

Jacob started preschool this August. Though we were only there for two months, it was worth it. Jeremiah was fortunate to be able to bring Jake on his first day, but I couldn't because I had to be at work! School had already begun for me! The teachers told me that Jacob cried for a while before settling down for the remainder of the morning. I have to say that since then, Jacob has matured a lot!! I brought him with me to take a tour of a local preschool in Katy and he was so comfortable with the teacher- letting her hold him, carry him, and even taking him to her room to get a sticker without me there!! He also looooves nursery in our new ward. It's amazing how much he has changed in a couple of months. I don't know if staying at home contributes to his level of comfort with others...knowing that I'll always be there to pick him up or that I'm not working...but it's amazing to see his growth. I'm very proud of him.

Ms. Julie, his teacher.

I must add that Jacob recognizes all his letters of the alphabet. He also knows some of the sounds as well. He can spell his name, but can't write it yet. He is really eagered to learn new skills and absolutely loves to read. He can finish sentences of his favorite stories that we read each night. His favorite thing right now is "flashlight" reading before going to bed.

Taylor's first haircut

On August 7, 2011, Mama gave Taylor his first haircut. I didn't like it at first and then it grew on me. Jeremiah totally loved it! I couldn't believe that after the haircut, there was a bald line stretching from ear to ear and it's still there today!

Summer '11

Random pictures taken here and there this past summer.

Bowling with the Family Aug '11

This was Jacob's first time bowling and it was so much fun! It was the first time our entire family went bowling together! I'm so grateful for that chance we were able to do something together because it is rare!! We all had so much fun. The only people missing were Daniel and Jeremiah. They missed out, but we missed them!!

Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine!

We took Jacob to see Thomas and boy was he thrilled!! As we were driving into the lot, he spotted Thomas the Tank Engine and he went W-I-L-D! We could hardly unbuckle him from his carseat. It was worth the drive (Taylor crying like crazy). At the park, they had several stations for kids to either paint, blow bubbles, play in the jumphouse, get tattoos, and even play with trains and tracks. It was such a beautiful day and everything was just PERFECT. It was a great family outting.

Getting his first tattoo...

It was so hard to explain to him why it had to be washed off a few days after while bathing. He just could not understand that it was not permanent.

They had other trains running that day and it just added to the fun!

The souvenir store which we were gladly able to escape with just spending $30...lots of bribing to try to get outta there. My only regret...we bought him a CD with songs from the series and it is about the ONLY track he will let us listen to in the car. It has been over 6 months and we are STILL listening to all the songs on that CD.

Jeremiah has to be one of the coolest dads out there. He is so involved and hands-on with Jacob. I love watching them play...and quite honestly, very jealous as well. I wish I could do all of that with the both of them, but Taylor slept and wanted to be carried the entire time. We spent a couple of hundred dollars on a double stroller and uhhh..yeah...not happening with the lil man.

Finally on the train and he is ready to go! While on the ride they played one of the songs from the series and Jacob just stood up and started tapping his hand on the train. It was so cute. Jeremiah caught it on video. Unfortunately, because uploading videos take forever, we can't put it on the blog...we can, but I just don't have the patience.

Sir Topham Hatt!! He wasn't even scared! And of course a picture with Thomas the Tank Engine himself! I thought this was the best picture, but apparently not.

When we were there, we stayed in Capitola and it was not what we expected. It's nothing compared to Monterey! Anyway, while there we enjoyed Pizza My Heart and was able to pay a visit to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Now, tell me why he chose the pink truck? I was disappointed.

Sonoma in July '11

Jacob is a huge fan of trains, if you didn't know already. Well, his excitement is so contagious that we took every and any opportunity we had this summer to bring him to places with trains. We decided to take a day trip to Sonoma to a train park and he was probably the happiest kid there. It puts a big smile on our face to see how happy he is. On top of that, he is so grateful and expresses it so often, it just melts our hearts. We had a feeling then that Taylor would be in to trains and believe it or not, he is NOW. If you remember a while back of how excited Jacob would get when the soundtrack to Thomas and Friends came on, then just picture Taylor just as excited, but just bouncing up and down on his bum. It's so cute.

When going over a bridge or under a tunnel, he always puts up his arms.