Sunday, January 25, 2009

5 months chronological and 2 months adjusted!

Confused eh? Today, Jacob is 5 months old chronologically according to his premature birthdate. However, he is only 2 months old if we adjust his birthdate to his actual due date. He has two birthdays! I'm sure he'll use that to his advantage when he's old enough to figure out he can have two birthday parties in a year!!

Jacob is doing well. We don't know his current weight, but we know he is gaining because he's getting a little heavier each day! Nothing has changed much from the last update. Eating amount is still the same, except it has taken him about an hour to finish...he's like a marathon eater. He's still on reglan and pepcid and vomitting less we thought. His developmental teacher came for the first assessment last Tuesday and asked about his reflux and vomitting. We said he wasn't anymore and whadayahkno? That night, he projected about 40 mLs 2 feet across the bedroom floor. That's our luck! Poor baby though...

Recently, one huge milestone of Jacob's is sleeping through the night! Last Thursday, we decided that it was time to turn off the lamp at night. Our fears of bradycardias and apneas were close to long gone, so it was time that we transitioned ourselves to go through the night without the lights on! Well, little baby boy slept like an angel! He didn't even wake up or anything! A little scary, but we finally enjoyed a good night's sleep as a family. He woke up on the 6th hour for feeding, but that was pretty darn good! It has been 3 days since and we are loving it! However, the number 3 seems to be our 'unlucky' number as Jacob usually figures out what we're doing by the 3rd day and changes the schedule around! We hope he continues to do well. The more sleep we all have, the happier the family will be! =)

By the way, Jacob has clearly communicated that our mattress is highly preferable over his bassinet. He co-sleeps with us, but we are very careful and are doing EVERYTHING to reduce any risks of SIDS or other potential dangers.

As you can tell, I love taking pictures of Jacob dressed up. My reason behind this, other than capturing how cute he is, is to put him in these adorable outfits before he grows out of them. He has so many cute church outfits and I hate that we can take him out because of the RSV season because he's growing out of them before anyone can see him in it! I seriously cannot wait to take him out. It looks like his last RSV shot will be given in March...which will last him until the beginning of April. Until then, he will continue to hibernate inside the house. His outtings will still be limited after the RSV season until his first birthday...which will give him a few months before the RSV season hits again! It stinks, but we rather have him healthy than sick and in the hospital.

As for me, I have 4 more months before I graduate with my masters degree in educational leadership, which includes 15 classes in Hayward and 4-all day educator's seminar in SF. Jeremiah is still working and will be taking a week off in February to spend time with us! Yay!


How sad is this??

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Learning to grab

Jacob is doing well. He is growing fast and learning new skills. His favorite thing to do is GRAB. He likes to grab and pull my hair, grab his burp cloth during feeding, grab or hold on to his bottle (left hand only...right hand not quite there yet), grab my shirt, grab or pull my lips, the list goes on and on and on. He is also learning to mimick my facial expression. Sticking out his tongue is one of them. We try to stimulate him as much as we can since we really can't tell what he can or can't do b/c of his age. However, he's really good with letting us know when he's not in the mood...He has also learned, just recently, how to soothe himself to sleep after mommy and daddy puts him down. He gets into his quiet alert stage and eventually falls asleep. He sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours at night now. =)

Though he's learning new skills, we have noticed that he does not want to be on his tummy for a long period of time like he used to. He also does not have a long attention span during reading time. After the first 2-3 pages, he'd cry. We've learned to read to him when he's on his activity mat so that he gets visual stimulation from his toys and hear the stories simultaneously.

Jacob continues to take 4 oz. per feeding. Sometimes he has a big appetite and will take 5-6 oz. He feeds about 6-7 times a day. His feeding schedule is not predictable as it used to be b/c sometimes he'll eat after 2 hours, 6 hours, or in between. We are strictly on his schedule...we had to toss ours out...hehe

Somehow the pictures uploaded in the wrong order...dont' know that happened, but enjoy!

After his bath...
Before the bath...
Pacifier helped soothe his hunger...
Gettin' chunky by the hour...

tummy time...focusing on how to get my attention to change his position...
We call him the 'squirmy wormy' during feeding time
twisting n' shouting
"help me?"
his bassinet...
For Aimee and Laurie: he cried several times during the photo session =)

I found myself doing jumping jacks and all sorts of things to get his attention and keep him from crying
he was mad for a while

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mom's photo session

The 'Tom Cruise' look...
The 'Uncle Adam' look...

Hmm...don't know what kind of look this is...
The 'College bound' look...

The 'I've got to poop look'...
The 'I'm done pooping look'...

Looking back...


Sunday, January 11, 2009

He likes to use his arms to hit the dangling toys...
A typical day...get a warm bath, get dressed, and wait for the bottle to get warm for feeding time...

A monster invaded our house...


Tummy time working on developing strong neck muscles...trying to get him to follow the mirror has become an everyday activity that he usually moves it to the other side automatically

Friday, January 9, 2009

A fever? Oh no!

Jacob had a very eventful week!

On Tuesday, he got his RSV shot and then on Wednesday, he had his well visit and got his 4 months immunization shots. Ouch! He didn't like it very much, but after I held him, he stopped crying in less than 5 seconds (the nurse was counting down to 1 after he gave Jacob the shot...haha)

The doctor said that Jacob is progressing very well. As a matter of fact, according to his weight, he is in the 1 percentile...he's finally on the charts! =) He weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz., is 21 3/4 inches long, and 15 inches for head circumference. In 2 months, he'll start on rice be continued...he just woke up...i'll be back...

A warm bath and bottle did it, he's asleep! The doctor's visit went well. He'll be seen again in 2months. We discovered that his fever was directly related to the shots. It scared both of us to death, but we're all okay now...thank goodness for tylenol.

Dressed up for his RSV appointment. Right before we put him on the scale, he threw up about 3 oz. of milk all over too. It was everywhere! Poor guy...I felt bad. His weight was 11 lbs. 7 oz.
Dressed up for his well check the next day. He spit up again, but it was very little. His weight here is 11lbs. 10 oz. (add 3 oz. he lost yesterday!)

After he got his shots. His nub nub helped him fall asleep...oh and I changed his outfit to something easier to put on b/c he was already stressed out.
Home at last and ready for a bottle.

He wouldn't sleep in his bassinet. He wanted to sleep on my chest, but after a few hours, my body began to ache so I placed him right next to me on the bed. He was content, but it scares me to have him there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Come on baybee...let's do the twist!

Come on, baby
Let's do the Twist
Come on, baby
Let's do the Twist
Take me by my little hand
And go like this(Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da-da-da-da-da)

Yes...Jacob is doing the twist! He's just realized that he could do those things with his body now...a little coordination and he's all over the place, especially during feeding time! Everything is going well. I'm especially happy because my mom, grams, aunt, uncle, cousin, and sis visited today...and I was able to chat with my sis in law, Amy, on the phone for a today went by fast and Jeremy is almost home. Yay!

Everyone loves looking at pictures, so I've posted a few the way...Jacob says to come visit so he can post your pic of the blog for memory sake...=)

E-Ca and Jakey...we're so sad she's leaving to go back to BYU-I on Tuesday! =(


Great Aunt Somaly visiting from Frederick, Maryland! Cousin Victoria from Maryland! She was a preemie too...born at 28 weeks, 1 lb. 6 oz. She was in the Nicu from Feb. 17th to July 4th! She was a trooper just as Jacob was too!

Look at Jacob...he's getting bigger! =)

Awww...isn't this sweet? Aunt Monica is going to be a great mother some day! Again...she's 'single and available'...hehe (sorry E-Ca!)

Mr. Chunkster
Aunt Mauvia got him this is so cute! I don't want him to grow out of it!! =(

Trying to do the twist...

Grams...she's so into fashion...(thanks E-Ca...)

Vick couldn't get enough of Jakey...I have a feeling they are going to be close! =)
Great Aunt Somaly loves him too!
This is Great Grandma's been several years past and I keep thinking she's stll 75 years old...I've got to check on that...

The onlookers...they were so sad they couldn't touch or go close to Jacob...not to worry, by summer time they will!
Left to right: Allison, Ethan, and Bridget

Allison's and Victoria's mom, Great Aunt Somaly