Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun with Emma

I tried to take some nice pictures...bad lighting...wrong color blanket...etc. I'll try again.
I shut off my camera after taking pics of Emma and Jacob was in tears. I asked him why he was so sad and if Taylor had done something and his response was, "You didn't take pictures of me.." I felt bad so I said to do something silly and as you know, that's not hard for him to do! Love my big boy!

Our Christmas Tree

So, we want to start a tradition of baking gingerbread cookies the week of Thanksgiving (on or after) for our Christmas tree. Our kids love to bake and they love cookies, so why not put that on our tree! We are so glad we started this tradition because since this very day, we've had many great laughs just about every single day. For one, Texas' humidity wasn't helpful and two, our kids would randomly walk up and chew off a leg or two. I love how Taylor does it casually on a day to day basis. He bites of a leg and walks away chewing like nothing is wrong. I adore our kids and whether or not we have 10 or 0 gingerbread men on our tree by Christmas morning doesn't bother me at all because these are things we are going to look back at and remember and laugh. These little things are BIG things to us and making these memories are priceless.
Cheesing before he chews off an arm and places it on the tree.
Mr. Helper.
Mr. Perfectionist.
Last year, I learned my lesson about decorating with real candy canes. Jacob kept asking for them all the time throughout the day. We'd find little pieces here and there and if you know anything about good ole Texas, we've got fire ants here and I didn't want that problem. After placing more decorations, I wanted to take pictures of all the kids in front of the tree. Mom was in the kitchen while I was doing this and I can't imagine what she was thinking as I was snapping these pictures...probably.."poor pa" or "does she really think they'll sit still for her" LOL
I had to stop because two were in tears after this shot.
Our tree up close.
With the light on...
With the light off...beautiful!!
Our mantle...with mom's help of course!

Christmas Lights

Even though this is our 2nd home, this really feels like our first! Everything just feels right and better with this house and we absolutely love everything about it. If you are wondering, yes, that is Grandma Sorensen on the ladder. She is just so awesome!
While I worked on the lighted and motion reindeer, this is what Tay was doing...finding what he can and making what he can of it. (Emma was asleep)
After we turned on the lights, I took the kids for a walk on our street to look at everyone else's lights. They had a blast!!

Thanksgiving Day

We had an awesome low-key Thanksgiving this year. We did not have the traditional Thanksgiving turkey either. This year, we had ribeye roast and it was scrumptious!!! My mouth is watering all over again. Our side dishes were what our kids loved to eat, green bean casserole and funeral potatoe casserole! We had some salad and two different pies. It was the perfect dinner for our perfect little family!
Here the kids are helping Grandma slice the apples for apple pie!! It was soooo much fun!
This year, we also decided to make our Christmas tree centered on what our kids love! Cookies!! Jake helped Grandma make gingerbread cookies for our tree. The boys just looved helping grandma in the kitchen! Since the decorating,we've had many funny and ooopsie moments with the gingerbread man. Another post to follow.