Sunday, November 7, 2010

Games, Pumpkins, Candy, and Trains

Jacob had a great October. He learned and mastered many new skills. He learned how to master the big boy puzzles, how to say pumpkin after visiting a pumpkin patch, he painted his very own pumpkin without getting messy, helped mommy bake in the kitchen without ruining the paper cups, learned how to say, "tick-ah-teat" for Halloween, and learned more words through the reading program! He is growing fast and continues to keep us busy. He understands that there is a baby in my tummy and gently places his hands on the belly to try to feel Taylor's kick. He is crazy about Thomas and Friends and usually stresses out when he doesn't get to watch his video, wear his slippers (thanks, mom!), or read his books. He has also entered the 'picky' stage, where he absolutely insists on wearing what he wants! The other day, he had on a beanie, a short sleeve shirt, shorts, socks, and sandals! It was 85 degrees outside!! Ay-Caramba!

We almost DID NOT go trick-or-treating! Jacob woke up from a late nap and was in a horrible mood. Nothing consoled him and he just wasn't happy. We had planned to go around the neighborhood with our friends and I was so sad that Jacob would miss such a fun part of Halloween. Well, he finally settled down, but WOULD NOT put on his costume. I chased him around the house, tried to bribe him with lollipops, but he just wouldn't put any of the 3 I bought for him. I ran upstairs, grabbed his OLD costume, which is VERY tight on him, and he slipped it on like it was nothing. His friends came by and we all had a fun evening. Jacob would say 'tick-ah-teat' after people closed their doors. A few times, he said "thank you and bye-bye." It was lots of fun!

Jacob's "must haves" for church- Thomas, Percy, and Salty! He is so smart. He knows he cannot bring his wooden trains outside the house, but can bring these rubber ones wherever we go. He'd place his wooden one right in front of the door before heading out without prompting. Oh...and he can name about 20 different train names from the series. It's pretty crazy. I don't even know them!!

Before church this morning, Jacob asked his dad to read with him. I took a few videos and some were too long or too large to upload for the blog. This is a quick view of Jacob's progress in reading. He is incredibly smart and catches on very fast.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taylor J

This is the latest picture of Taylor. I saw the perinatologist last Wednesday and everything looked good. Isn't this an awesome picture? Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks pregnant.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hug 'em, Love 'em, n' Squeeze 'em!

Here are pictures taken from the beginning of summer that I didn't post.