Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Emma Sofia is here!!

Welcome Baby Emma!!! Emma Sofia Sorensen was born on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Katy, Texas. She was 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 inches.

Jacob was so thrilled to visit his sister in the hospital. It was such a special experience for us all. He kept smiling and laughing every time she made a little noise. It was adorable. Taylor stayed home because we knew he would have had a hard time leaving.

Enjoy the pictures of Baby Emma. She is such a doll. We love her chubby cheeks and everything about her!

Details about labor and delivery: I had to be induced a week early because Emma was gaining weight quickly and my amniotic fluid was decreasing. When I went in at 7 am that morning, I was already 6 cm dilated. The nurses were puzzled because I hadn't felt much pain at all. After 6 hours, I did not make any progress so they increased the dosage for pitocin (sp?) and the doctor broke my water. Since Emma was still in the same position, high up and I did not change, he said he'd be back in two hours and if I stayed the same, I would have to get a c-section. My nurse left for lunch and Jer did too after the doctor left. Five minutes later, the contractions got intense and I called for my nurse. She came and I was fully dilated! She called the doctor and told him I was ready to go. He took FOREVER to get to the room. I pushed for several minutes to get Emma into position and she was literally ready to come out. The nurse held her head in position and closed my legs while we waited for the doctor. I looked at Jeremiah and I told him that I had to push because she was right there. The doctor walked in, quickly put on his scrubs, walked over to me, and it was less than a minute and Emma was out. It was fast! The delivery was not as bad as I thought. It was so much easier than Taylor's delivery. I am so grateful Heavenly Father heard our prayers and helped us deliver a healthy baby without complications. Now on to recovery!!!

Taylor Baby

Taylor knows how to pose for the camera. He winked at E-Ca the entire time she was experimenting with the lighting on her camera. He was so cute, she had to get a snapshot of him winking at her. He is just too cute.

Baby Shower by E-Ca!!

My lovely little sister flew in from Prosper, Texas a day before my induce date to help and somehow she was able to throw a baby shower for me. I felt so special.

Friends from my ward and the previous one came to enjoy an evening of fun. I had so much anxiety that night because I was so worried about getting a c-section the next day. These ladies made me feel so comforted. They gave me advice and made me laugh. I felt their love and spirit and it made me feel so calm that night. I was actually able to fall asleep that night. I am so grateful for friends that I have made here in Katy. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

In our family...

We are always challenged to find clever and age appropriate ways to discipline Jacob. Recently, I've been using the phrase, "In our family, we do/don't..." As a parent, you hope you are doing the right thing and that somehow they get the message. Well today, when I was drinking some root beer, Jake asked for some and I said no. Guess what his response was??? "Mom, we share in our family." I was a bit shocked. That was pretty smart on his part. At least I'm glad he understands certain things...I guess.

On a another note, Taylor has been surprising us with things that he has learned how to do. He can say, dog, dad, mama, baby, bubble bath (buh bah), cat, tiger. He can also clap his hands, wave, put his arms up, pat his belly, pat his head, point to his nose, do hand gestures for "if you a appy and you know it," wink, stick out his tongue when we say "lizard," and wave. Those are the things we've just asked him to do. I am sure he knows more. On top of this, he mimics Jacob. He does everything he does. It's cute, but sometimes frustrating.

Emma is to be delivered soon. Jeremiah gave me a priesthood blessing tonight and I feel so much better.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun days with Daddy

playing with daddy outside is fun for everyone!

Taylor at the Railroad Museum

Our first trip to the railroad museum. We didn't expect to stop here, but since Monica and Daniel had to go through customs from on their cruise ship, we thought we could kill some time letting the kids run around. We didn't have a stroller or anything, so Taylor had to do all the walking...well, most of the walking because I gave up half way and carried him.I feel so bad that I didn't post as many pictures and stories during Taylor's first year. It has just been tough all around.
Our second trip to the museum. Jacob earned five stickers and this was where he wanted to go. This time, we were smart and brought the little buggy for Taylor. It was awesome. He loved it!A picture taken by the Engineer who kindly let us sit with him during the train ride. I am very pregnant in here. Ew.
Every train had a name...according to Jacob. Of course, those names were associated with his Thomas and Friends collection. His excitement is so contagious.Taylor is so cute.
Yummy Seven Layer Coconut Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's. Best flavor was so good. Taylor approved!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today, I wasn't a very nice mom. I didn't realize how impatient and short I was until the boys were asleep. I was so mean. I'm not very happy with myself. I'm so disappointed with my actions today. Can't help but cry.

Jacob at the Railroad Museum

Jacob was so excited to get to sit with the Engineer during the train ride. It was a special treat and we all had fun!