Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vacation Days with Mr. Jacob

If it is quiet, he can often be found underneath the christmas tree. We have blocked the walk way with a gate to prevent missing ornaments and/or bows. He hasn't yet figured out how to open presents yet. He does know how to pull gifts from bags, though. As I was putting the clothes in the dryer, I came back to find this. Before when I'd approach him, he'd run off really fast, but now, he just continues on with what he is doing. When I pull him away, he screams. I don't know what to do sometimes... This happened when I was warming up his bottle. I had accidentally, without knowing it could possibly happen, stacked his toys in the corner to clean up the family area. Well, what did he figure out to do?? Yep, he stepped on it and pushed those white linen baskets back toward the wall. When prompted to get down, he ignored me and continued to stay there, thus allowing me enough time to grab the camera. In one of the videos below, you will see what happened after I brought him down. It's the video with him lying on the floor...pathetically whinning.
Jeremiah, as my witness, will tell you that he does not care about what we say or will do...he will continue to do what he wants to do, such as surfboarding on his toys. He is all boy!


The tantrum.


Jacob is a quick learner. He learned how to wink, just today, and will do it when asked. In the video, he also shows that he's a lizard and that he's tired. He also loves to sing and do hand movements. Enjoy!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Fun!

It took a lot of chasing, dancing and singing to get this picture. Oh, and don't forget the snacks to lure him to sit for more than 3 seconds.
Jeremy said, "Lizard" and Jakey did just that.

Back from our weekly trip to the farmer's market and thought we should take a pic of the beautiful leaves. I love the holidays!

Eating grown up food...I learned that he does not like scrambled eggs...he prefers sunny side up. I also learned that he doesn't need a pretty plate because everything on it will end up on the floor.
We came home from Grandma's to find a new packaged toy from Daddy! This is his favorite toy now! And...into the mouth it goes!

Helping me on Thanksgiving Day...

Snow in Tracy, CA.


Fun with Mommy.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Pictures

~Sorensen Family Pictures 2009~

We are thankful for the many blessings we've received this past year. We are grateful for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who have set the example for us to follow. We have learned so much about ourselves and we know there are many more things yet to learn. Our faith and obedience have been tested and we know of the things that we need to do in order to bring our family closer to our Father in Heaven. As we reflect and celebrate this past year during this Christmas season, we are eternally grateful for the blessing of being a mom and dad to Jacob. The feelings and thoughts we had imagine before his arrival could not even be close to the fulfillment we've experienced. He is our special and miracle baby. Heavenly Father planned it so well. We are always filled with emotions when we think about how we wouldn't have it any other way. With that, we have decided to expand our family. After four months of unsuccessful attempts, we have an appointment with a specialist in two weeks. We are excited. Wish us luck!! Here's to a fabulous year!!