Friday, July 31, 2009

What is wrong with me?!?!

Over the past few days, I've been feeling very emotional. Maybe it's because...

-visiting my classroom this Monday with Jacob made me realized that I will no longer be with him 24/7. I am so bummed!

-having the babysitter start on Monday.

-someone at Costco telling me that Jacob was very small for his age. It was the first time I heard that comment so it caught me by surprise. It made me kinda sad. Is it okay to feel this way?

-Jeremy making a comment (I know that I am making it more than it is) about how Jacob's progress is slowing down a bit.

I'm not very happy today.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Faux photo shoot

This Saturday, we are celebrating Jacob's first birthday (crazy, huh?) at my mom's house in Oakland. We are celebrating three weeks early because my little sister will be getting married (YAY) that weekend closest to his birth date. Aunt Amy in Idaho made theeee cuuuutest birthday frame for Jacob and I wanted a really cute picture for it so I thought about doing a little photo shoot. Let's just say it wasn't so easy. However, some of the pics did come out pretty darn cute. Despite that, we are still planning on taking him to a professional studio to take better pics. I honestly do not know how to use my digital camera. They either come out blurry, too dark, or too light.

This is his look after the 'photo shoot.' Hahaha...poor baby.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Travel Part III- oops

Cousin Matthew taking turns with cousin Erin to feed Jacob. Aren't kids precious!?! Erin poses before she tries Jacob's food. LOL...she liked the green beans! Uncle Brent with cousins Ellie and Matt. Getting ready for Aunt Monica's graduation at BYU-I. We went to Ellie's dance recital at the chapel. She was sooooooo cute!
After the brutal car ride from Idaho, we ended up in Springville, UT at Grandma's house. We were so happy to see Grandma and Grandpa again. We hope to visit again before the year is over. =) He's not a big fan of grass. We were so excited to visit Aunt Claudia! We wanted to see Uncle Roger too, but he was out of town. When we told Jeremiah that we got to hang out with Aunt Claudia, he wished he was there too! Erin-Kay is a great cousin to Jakey. She is so responsible and dependable. We miss you Cakey!!Little World in UT... *ahem* comment. We are STILL trying to get him to hold his own far, no luck.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Travel Part I

This is the beach house on Whidbey Island, WA. Not long after we got there, Jeremy decided to check out the boat to start fishing and crabbing. Grandpa catches his fourth fish. Isn't the view just absolutely beautiful? Jacob loves Grandma Sorensen! Aunt Tevy is awesome! She whipped up some yummy food instantly for us to eat because we were all so hungry and tired after a long day of traveling. The sign that greets us as we drive off the ferry to our beach house! Ariel puts Jacob to sleep at Zoe's open house. Uncle Brent and Grandma Sorensen enjoying the yummy food Mauvia and Ben made. Anthony did an amazing job singing acapella at Zoe's baptism. Uncle Adam can make Jacob laugh really well. Grandpa Sorensen is one of Jacob's number one fan! View of the Ocean while on the ferry. On the ferry... Waiting in line to get on the ferry to Renton. Jeremy and Adam checking the crab trap thingy... We went to church on Whidbey Island. A few asked if we were new members to the was funny. Jacob's cousins- Zoe, Ariel, and Tate...we love them to pieces!Searching for shells and crabsIsn't this a cute picture?

Summer Travel Part II

Statue of Liberty made up of legos...pretty amazing! A carnival-like place right next to the Science Museum in Seattle, WA. Getting ready to go to Pike's Place. Zoe beat Uncle Jeremy and Ariel beat her mom in the water race. Each won a prize. Jacob watching Zoe ride the carousel. Our family beneath the Space Needle...and no, I did not go on it. I will next time! Jacob enjoying the play area at the Science Museum. Another cool toy for Jacob to explore. The helicopter ride...he liked the steering wheel quite a bit. The car ride...Exploring music in the sound room. Jacob sitting on a gigantic chair. The Sorensen guys fascinated with Ariel pulling up the bar to ... I don't even know what it is calleda. LOL. Anthony trying to finish the course...WHILE the Sorensen guys wait in line for their turn. Hahaha...unfortunately, there were a lot of kids interested so they didn't do it. It would have been funny. Look! Ariel's catch of the day is one of the cutest fish I've ever seen!!!! Grandma Sorensen caught red-handed giving Jacob juice. Hahaha...he loved it!This water feature was right behind the Museum. Isn't it beautiful?
Jeremy and cute! Grandpa and sweet!!!! Jacob's first beach trip in WA! A game of botchy ball (sp?) gets EVERYONE excited and competitive! The strawberry field in WA. They might have been the smallest strawberries, but the sweeeeetest ever! Pick and eat at the same time! Yummmm, look at those strawberries! Aren't they so cute? Where is Ben? =) Here we are in Utah visiting Temple Square. Finally~ a picture of mommy and Jacob. Hehehe. A picture of us in front of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Look at Erin's beautiful fingers! Another cute picture!