Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas pictures before church???

The kids were so cute, I thought I should take a few snapshots before church because after church, we're all pretty destroyed. It was fun, but a lot of work. Let's just say, I left for church all sweaty!
Just look at all the kids facial expression...priceless.
Their personalities comes through...
Staring at something above my head...
I had a trackmaster train right above my head to get the kids expression and when I got them to look, I put the train down and it started chugging its way towards the Christmas tree...that is why they turned their heads.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa Clause,

My name is Jacob. I have been a really nice boy. For Christmas, I want

-Thomas & Friends, Blue Mountain Mystery Trackmaster (risky rail drop one)
-Angry Bird Space Game
-Angry bird piggy bank
-Airplane (to fly to California)
-Take me to Disneyland
-Animal on the cargo Thomas & Friends
-Snowman on the cargo Thomas & Friends
-Thomas snowplow
-Digger train set

I promise to be good.

(I absolutely love how when he asks for these things, he pretends to dial a phone call to Santa, uses his hand as a phone, talks to him and turns to tell me that Santa said yes to whatever he had asked for.) Love this age.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My little elves

These tights are the cutest I've ever seen! I love mudpie!!! I love it even more on my little Emma.
I am at a lost with her headband. Her hair is becoming more wild and on top of that, she's pulling her band off.
The phone helped her stay still.
Okay...look at my son's right hand. This has become his thing take off his sock(s) and put it on like an oven mitt. LOL
Cutie pie.
Had to do a close up with him rockin' the BYU sock on his hand.
And of course...Jake stopped me before putting the camera away. Today for some reason, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He was cranky all morning until daddy bought him a monster truck.
Sooooooooo...Jeremy had this awesome idea to let the kids play with the ALL of at the SAME time. Can you say puzzle pieces everywhere?? So before bedtime, we made a train of puzzle boards and played who can put one together the fastest. They did amazing!! The two kids put together 13 puzzle boards together and it only took no more than 15 minutes, but hey...they did it and the house was clean! Love my boys.
Emma was neglected while I tried gathering all the puzzle pieces that were spread throughout the house (ahem, thanks hun! hehehe). She kept crawling back and forth hoping that I'd pick her up.
Here, I finally got down on the ground to take her picture and of little girl knew she had me still and then I picked her up and put her to bed.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun with Emma

I tried to take some nice pictures...bad lighting...wrong color blanket...etc. I'll try again.
I shut off my camera after taking pics of Emma and Jacob was in tears. I asked him why he was so sad and if Taylor had done something and his response was, "You didn't take pictures of me.." I felt bad so I said to do something silly and as you know, that's not hard for him to do! Love my big boy!

Our Christmas Tree

So, we want to start a tradition of baking gingerbread cookies the week of Thanksgiving (on or after) for our Christmas tree. Our kids love to bake and they love cookies, so why not put that on our tree! We are so glad we started this tradition because since this very day, we've had many great laughs just about every single day. For one, Texas' humidity wasn't helpful and two, our kids would randomly walk up and chew off a leg or two. I love how Taylor does it casually on a day to day basis. He bites of a leg and walks away chewing like nothing is wrong. I adore our kids and whether or not we have 10 or 0 gingerbread men on our tree by Christmas morning doesn't bother me at all because these are things we are going to look back at and remember and laugh. These little things are BIG things to us and making these memories are priceless.
Cheesing before he chews off an arm and places it on the tree.
Mr. Helper.
Mr. Perfectionist.
Last year, I learned my lesson about decorating with real candy canes. Jacob kept asking for them all the time throughout the day. We'd find little pieces here and there and if you know anything about good ole Texas, we've got fire ants here and I didn't want that problem. After placing more decorations, I wanted to take pictures of all the kids in front of the tree. Mom was in the kitchen while I was doing this and I can't imagine what she was thinking as I was snapping these pictures...probably.."poor pa" or "does she really think they'll sit still for her" LOL
I had to stop because two were in tears after this shot.
Our tree up close.
With the light on...
With the light off...beautiful!!
Our mantle...with mom's help of course!