Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 months old today!

Jacob is six months old today!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So what's new?

Okay, I'm totally confused with dates now! I can't keep up with them's driving me crazy. Thank goodness for my other half! =) Jacob is not 6 mths old yet...not until tomorrow, the 25th! He'll chronologically be 6 months old, but his adjusted age will be 3 months old.

Today, Jacob's developmental teacher came and did a quick assessment on his cognitive, social, and language skills. She said that Jacob is averaging 4 months for cognitive and language skills. As far as social skills, he is hitting the 5 month mark. She said not to worry about anything because he is beyond his adjusted age, which is where they usually like to see the baby at this point in time. We were also told that his fine motor skills will increase greatly within the next 3 months. That means we'll have to work with him extra hard because he's not as strong in that area yet. In April, the speech pathologist and massage therapist will come to do an assessment on Jacob. In early May, his developmental teacher and program coordinator will come out to do an IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan) to gauge how much therapy he'll need for the next 6 months. We'll keep you updated, but for now, come back often to check on Jacob's daily progress. We love posting new pictures of him on the blog and reading your comments!

Monday, February 23, 2009

6 months old in 2 days!

In 2 days, Jacob will be chronologically 6 months old.
Weight: Between 14-15 lbs.
Height: 25 inches
Feeding: Neosure, 25-30 oz. a day with 1/4 tsp. rice cereal added per oz.
Medications: .3mL of Reglan and Pepcid for reflux
Vaccinations: Up-to-date with 4 month shots
Bowel Movements: Diaper changes every 2-3 hours...Poops every 2-3 days!
Gross Motor Skills: Averages at 6 mths old. Skills include neck strength, rolling from side to side, standing on both feet with assistance, and sitting up with assistance.
Fine Motor Skills: Averages at 3 mths. old. Skills include opening palms to grab objects.
Sleeping Habits: Co-sleeps with mommy and daddy. Bedtime is at 10:00 pm. and will usually wake up at 7 am without interference. However, due to feeding concerns, we've woken him up between 4 and 5 for an additional feeding.
Favorite Lullaby: The entire "BABY MINE" CD...he falls asleeps before the 3rd track plays!
Favorite Soothing Object: Absolutely looooves his wubbanubs! It will instantly soothe him.
Favorite Stimulation Activity: Having mommy and daddy pull him up to sit and stand.
Most Disliked Stimulation Activity: Rolling over during tummy time!
Favorite time during the day: Bath time!
Favorite learned activity: Putting fist in mouth and sucking on everything!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A year ago today...

A year ago today, Feb. 20th, at this exact time around 10:30 ish, I was sitting in my classroom a nervous wreck! It was the day Jeremiah and I had looked forward to after an unsuccessful pregnancy two months was the 'insemination' day! We were so nervous, yet hopeful. Jeremiah couldn't get the day off work and I had to go in alone...driving 60+ miles away from home in the storming rain. I waited impatiently in the waiting room trying to occupy myself with magazines, but couldn't concentrate on a single article. My palms were sweaty and my knees were shaking. I said several silent prayers to calm me down. When they called my name, I gave a deep breath and my throat began to throb. As I signed the papers to ensure samples belonged to us, I began to tear and Annabel (nurse practictioner that performed the insemination) consoled me and reminded me that my chances of getting pregnant was a lot higher now and to be positive.

I laid on that insemination chair for what seemed like an eternity. The procedure was over and now it was just a waiting game. I believe a few days or even weeks later, I had to do some blood work to check whether the procedure was a success...I remember calling the advice nurse after school had let out for spring break that Friday. My voice was so shakey and I was so scared! The insemination was a success!! We were pregnant! .. to be continued...Jacob is crying...hehe

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More pics of Jakey

There is a video clip we uploaded after all of the pictures below. It'll show you why we can't stop adoring our lil son. You will love it! Jeremiah and I can't stop talking about how much Jacob has grown and the many milestones he's been able to accomplished. We are humbled to know that we have been greatly blessed to have a son who continues to enrich our lives with the simple things in life; his smile, his laughter, his need for our love and attention. Knowing we are a forever family gives us great comfort.
In some of the pictures, you will start seeing the resemblance of us in him. If you look closely, you'll see that he resembles Grandpa Sorensen a color and all. We can't wait for the RSV season to be iver so we can share him with all of you...up close and personal!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jacob's new hobby is bringing his fist up to his mouth and licking it. He also likes to suck on anything he can get his mouth on, including our shoulders! Jacob also likes to talk! He would stare and us and ramble on and on and on about anything while grabbing our faces. It's so cute! He responds well to soft tones. He'll keep the conversation going...
This is just us trying to get more cute snapshots of Jacob in his Valentine attire...something that mommy has been looking forward to all week!
For V day, Aunt Monica gave us a unique and most adorable gift...a glazed tile with Jacob's picture inscribed. I'll have to take pictures of it and post it. It's gorgeous! Jeremy and Jacob gave me an 12x18 collage of some of Jacob's cute pictures over the past couple of months. It's sure to go on the wall in Jakey's nursery! =)

During play time, we've been told to work with Jacob on developing his neck strength. We do this by pulling, gently, his arms for him to sit up. Then, gradually, we'd pull him up to stand. He absolutely loves to stand! He gets super excited, his mouth gasps open, and so does his eyes. You can see it in this picture. When we put him back down to do the exercise again, he doesn't like it at all. He'd rather stand up the whole time!

This is Jacob waking up from his very 'short' nap...a 15 minute nap! We were cooking dinner and wanted him downstairs with us so we could keep an eye on him. Once I placed him in the playard, he woke up instantly and wanted someone to hold him. Jeremiah and I raced to pick him up and he chose daddy... *scroll down for more pictures*

This week...

Our yummy Valentine dinner...King Crabs with garlic butter sauce and...
Sword Fish and Cioppiono with crisp garlic butter was delicious!

One week makes a big difference. Jacob's face is getting smaller and his cheeks aren't as chubby as they used to be, BUT he is growing and gaining weight so that is okay with us!

Jacob is getting so big. He can't fit into the corner of the rocking chair as easily as he used to for pictures. He's also very squirmy and likes to slide down.

Jeremiah had the week off from work, so we enjoyed his company very much at home! While I was out with one of my girlfriends, Jeremiah decided to take pictures of Jacob for mommy. Hahaha...I didn't find out until today (pics were part of a V day gift from both boys for me), but he told me he had the hardest time getting Jacob dressed and still for pictures. You can totally tell...the beanie is way off and the sunglasses are pulled to one side...and the sweat pants didn't' match at all.'s so funny and cute...I have to give him credit, it's not always easy taking pictures of Jacob. =)

The onesie says, 'Dirt Magnet.' Somehow, a day doesn't go by that Jacob ends up having lint in between his fingers and/or toes. I always see them floating around in the bathtub everynight that I give him a bath. On top of that, he gets dirt or something that accumulates underneath his where do they all come from???

We are totally digging the sunglasses! He's just so cute in them and it doesn't seem to bother him at least for now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A scare...

Don't let the smile fool you, this is just a picture with my little man before heading out to class tonight. What a drag...I can't wait to finish school this year. I vow to never attend post-graduate school ever again! Anyway, our scare tonight happened just about an hour ago at 10:30 pm. After the routine bath, Jacob would get his feeding and would go to bed. Well, tonight he was so onre and while feeding, he choked on some milk. This totally brought me back to the NICU experience. You'd think I'd know what to do, but because it hasn't happened in a very long time, I panicked! Yes, panicked! Jacob started to turn really dusky and I just froze. I called for Jeremy (our communication was totally tested in this situation and we failed miserably!) and it didn't help that he couldn't figure out what I was asking him to do, which was to help me. It took a while for Jeremy to react and Jacob finally breathed again, but I just felt like an awful mother. I don't believe I choked up and didn't respond to Jacob right away. I am so scared now. I don't think I will get any sleep tonight. I'll be concentrating on listening to Jacob breathe through the night and making sure he's okay. I hope this never ever happens again.

Jacob working his neck muscles during play time with daddy today. He is really getting strong.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jacob is smokin' hot!

Yesterday, Jeremiah was off from work so I had the opportunity to attend the temple with my mom and grandma. It was a very eventful morning...before mom found out her recommend was expired, grandma had already been long gone to the fitting room. Mom went home while grandma and I went to the temple session. It was wonderful and my goal is to go at least twice a month this year! After that, I took my parents out to a late breakfast at Ole's Waffle Shop in Alameda. Then, we went shopping in Alameda and grandma couldn't resist the sunglasses below. She bought Jacob a pair of sunglasses and some crocs! It's so cute! While I was in the Bay, Jacob and Jeremiah had a great time at home bonding. It was a fun day out with my parents, but it got much better when I came home to my little family.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Exploring my environment!


Jacob loves his activity gym, especially because he is more aware of his surroundings now. He likes to grab the toys and make noises. His occupational therapist says it's good because it means he can see the objects and make distinctions in his environment. Jacob gets about 15-20 minutes of play time before each feeding. We can see how much it's helping him because of what he is able to do now. By the beginning of March, Jacob goals are to use his arms to prop himself up at 90 degrees 'consistently' and open his hands to grab objects 'consistently.'

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meeting the Occupational Therapist

Jacob's occupational therapist came today! She is awesome! She was so great with Jacob and he responded so well to everything she introduced to him, i.e. toys, jelly bean therapy ball, etc.) The assessment results showed that Jacob's gross motor skills are closer to his chronological age, which is 5 1/2 months. However, his fine motor skills are closer to his adjusted age at 2 1/2 months. It was a good day. She will be visiting once a month! We were hoping for more time, but it's okay. She gave us some things to work on for the next visit. She was totally impressed that he was trying to roll over. It was lots of fun today!
Tonight as Jeremiah and I were playing with Jacob, we noticed that he used his left arm a lot to grab or dangle his toys. We realize that he'll need more exercises stimulating his right arm...or he might just be a lefty like his Uncle Ben! =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holding my head up!

During Jacob's time with his development teacher, he began pushing himself up using his arms. He had great head control. It was so much fun to see. I'm still amazed at his progress...I love watching the new things he's able to do.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

13.6 and learning to turn over!

Today, Jacob had an appointment to get his synagis shot for this month and we found out that he is 13 lbs. and 6 oz.! We were soooooo happy! Especially with the problems we've had with feeding. He's doing better with eating now. We're using the fastest flowing nipple (6-9months) and it seems to be working better.

On top of that great news, last night Jeremiah noticed Jacob trying to turn over. Jacob would swing his right shoulder over in attempt to turn over. He did it all night and we were so surprised. Gosh, our son is learning to turn over!! I guess all of the stimulation and exercises are working. We feel like proud parents!

Tonight, I have class and am so bummed because I want to be home with the family! I only have 4 more classes this month and will have a month break before finishing up my last quarter for graduation. Yay!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I don't want the bottle!

It's been a week since we've posted! Nothing has changed much, except Jacob's eating patterns. He is not eating as well as he used to. We have been so worried the last few days because he'd only take half of his feedings. There are no signs of a fever, infection, or anything that might be a red flag. His temperature and bowel movements appear to be regular, so we really don't know. We've emailed our doctor and we are hoping to hear from him soon. After speaking to his NICU nurse, she thinks Jacob is ready for something different, texture wise. That might explain him not taking his bottle as well. We're just waiting for the doctor's orders. We'll keep everyone posted. He has an appt. to get the synagis shot tomorrow to protect him from RSV. Next Tuesday, he has an appt. with Dr. Millar for a routine check up.

Jacob has totally outgrown his 0-3 months clothing, with the exception of a few. (Why do some clothes come bigger than others when they are the same size? Get what I'm saying?) I've pulled out all of his 3-6 months clothing and some have already appeared too small for him. For example, the outfit he's wearing now is riding up his bottom...hehee...not the one in this picture, but one he's wearing at this moment. Anyway, in this picture, I was trying out different clothes for him to get him ready to meet his NICU family on Valentine's Day. We'll see, we might have to change the wardrobe. Jacob's not exactly thrilled about it...he hates getting dressed, but does not mind the camera so much anymore. He actually stares at it and knows when it comes on when he hears the power button.

Just another cute picture of our little Jakey. We might have not mentioned in earlier postings that Jacob has been receiving services from Valley Mountain Regional Center. He currently has a developmental teacher that come to the house to work with him, once a week for an hour. This Thursday, an occupational therapist will come to do an initial assessment and evaluate how many hours he'll need her support. He will also see a speech therapist. We've yet to be in contact with him/her. In addition, our great development teacher has hooked us up with a massage therapist that will work with us as well. Lots going on! Our Tuesdays (Jer's day off during the week) are packed with appointments and services! They can be stressful, but we are enjoying that time as a family. Our schedule is so bad, with my schooling, seminars, Jer's day off, and calling that it has been difficult for us to share our time to attend church. We are hoping and praying that things will work out so we can enjoy the blessings of being around our ward family and learning more about church doctrines. I'm sure things will get easier, but this is just a HUGE bump in the road for us. We just hope that with everything that is going on, the daily stresses, we don't forget who we are and what our roles and purposes are on this earth.