Friday, June 17, 2011

Jacob before Taylor

Taken the day before Taylor arrived, Jacob is happy because he just opened a package from E-Ca!

This is what she made for him...a super soft Thomas and Friends blanket! It is really popular around here! Both boys love it it because it's so soft and lightweight! Can you tell his hat is getting smaller? One of our favorite winter hats!

Prepping Valentine treats for his nursery friends. He stuffed the bags with Teddy Grahams with a note that said, "Bear Hugs!" Love, Jacob.

Cried for something. I don't remember for what, but all I remember is that I was big and tired and ready for Taylor to come.

With my parents in town and Edith to help at home, I took Jacob to the park frequently because I knew that when the baby arrived, I wouldn't have a lot of time with Jakey. He loves slides.

He likes to play by himself, which makes me sad sometimes. Hopefully, he will grow out of it and become more friendly. (With my best friend living a few minutes away, we've had tons of playdates together which helped Jacob come out of shell quite a bit...actually A LOT!)

The observer. He didn't want to play until he watched all the kids use the play structure.

Absolute PRO bike rider here. Nowadays, we have to watch when he's coming around with his bike before he runs into our heels. He's gotten into so much trouble so many times, but he keeps thinking it's funny.

This was taken during his early riding days. Now, you can find him riding without steering and totally braking before the bike could stop moving in one direction. It's hilarious because he almost tipped over several times.

*Sigh* Back when church began at 1 pm and not 9 am. We actually had time to take pictures. Now, we're rushing out of the door to make it on time. Most of the time, my hair is wet and in a bun...yuck. I'm last, but boy oh boys are super cute for church...all three of them.