Saturday, October 27, 2012

High chair

Eagerly waiting for more cereal puffs in her new high chair. Thank you, Mrs. Mandi!!
She loves those things!
All gone...more please.
Mom, hurry please before I cry...
My sous chef in the kitchen. Never fails to drag a chair to the counter to see what he can do to help.
While Jacob was at school, we baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread together. He had a blast! He just couldn't figure out how to take the wrapper off and decided to drop the entire stick of butter into the mixing bowl. He tried for several minutes while I was gathering the other ingredients.
Jake's best friend came over and they had a blast. They play so well together. Love Gabe to death!
See...always doing something.
When she wakes up and is in a good mood, she will play and tease with you. Other times, she buries her face on her mattress and won't even look up at you.
The boys helping daddy with putting up curtains in Jake's room. Taylor was on top of the world! We had these curtains lying around and I wanted to see what it would look like in Jake's room, but we both decided that it made the room look too dark. So...Jer suggested orange. Now, where in the heck will I find orange panels???
Playing nicely and quietly all by herself...until...
Someone knocks her over and makes her cry...yes, that would be Jake pointing fingers.
Taylor trying to help her back up after both getting in trouble by me for not being careful around their sister.
Then, he pats her back so she'd feel better. Here she is moaning and groaning. Look at those lips...if you only knew sometimes...
He had a ball game today and he did so well! He hit the ball up in te air! It didn't go very far, but it was a good ball.
The three kids playing and making "memories."
He always jumps in front of the person I'm trying to take a photo of...
My cure little big boy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jake's game

Jacob's team played against the Orioles today and the weather was gorgeous, so I decided to dress Emma up. I was hoping to get some nice pictures, but it didn't work out so well. See below.
I didn't strap her in because I wanted to get the entire romper in the picture. This was snapped right before she wiggled and squirmed her way off the chair. She was so fast, I didn't get time to put the cap on my camera's lens. It was a close call. Everyone is safe...including the camera. Glad daddy didn't see that one.
She is not as strong sitting up. Yet, she crawls. Does that make sense?
Lesson # *(^*&*6...don't put baby on grass without a blanket or covering because it will make her cry. Also, she will most likely have some type of allergic reaction and break out in a rash on her back.
Grumpy man. He did not want me to take his picture.
I think the lighting on this shot was awesome, but I couldn't get him to stay still. (Yes, I gave him that haircut, in which I had to put him in a headlock to try to get it even. Did it work? Nah, but it looks better than shaggy hair.)
I called out his name and said Barney. This was his reaction. So adorable! I love him so much.
I said, "Bob the Builder!"
Then, he ran off. Typical Taylor.
Dad playing with Jakey on the field.
He says he's the fastest. (At practice one time, he said that and another kid on the team said he wasn't and Jacob, for some reason, walked up to him...right up in his face, and said, "Yes, I am!" with his right arm lifted in the air. I stopped Jake and he got in trouble, but I don't think he realized he was talking to the biggest boy on the team...literally. Whew.)
He is so handsome with his helmet on. Apparently, this isn't his. At our first game, kind of chaotic, the kids left their stuff on the bench while transitioning on and off the field and someone accidentally took his brand new shiny helmet. It was never returned, but Jer says he likes the scraped up one. It gives it a coolness about it. I'm like...sigh...watevs then. We've learned to label everything with a sharpie now...even his $50 bat...yep, I said it right...$50. Ask his father, why?!? :/
Oh he knows to pose. :)
Baking cookies after the game while we watch the BYU football game. After putting my camera carefully away, which can take a few minutes, four cookies were consumed by some mysterious monsters!! When I questioned both of them, they gave me the cheesiest smile and of course, I could see the cookies stuck on their teeth. :D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jake's unfinished new room

Jacob sleeps in his new room! We just had it painted last week and he has been so anxious to sleep in there! The theme of his room is construction, which he chose over trains. Yes, that was a complete shocker! BUT, he still loves his trains. The black part of that wall is magnetic and chalkboard. It's halfway complete. We need to put up trim to separate the two colors and add pictures, etc. This is completely taken from pinterest, but with different colors!! Love that site!
My brave handsome boy.
The site wouldn't let me upload more pictures to the previous post, so I'm adding it here. We love our house. A LOT. :)
Jacob loves this pumpkin. A LOT. Taylor too. Except, Taylor likes to use it as a punching bag.
And my sweet Emma...being patient and looking cute.

Painting pumpkins

We have been promising Jacob for weeks that we'd take him to the pumpkin patch and like always, he never forgets! Yesterday, we had planned to go to Dewberry Farms, but since Emma kept waking up (from teething, I think) and my lack of sleep, I thought it would be best to skip it. Jake didn't forget. He reminded us that we absolutely had to do it today. So, when Jeremiah got home, he made Jake work for it by practicing tball first. The boy could hardly concentrate because he was so excited. Well, everyone got to pick their own pumpkin and we came home and painted them. Emma enjoyed hearing the laughter, feeling the wind in her face, and watching everyone paint while sitting in her bumbo.
Jake is a great great, he decided he should share his painting skills with everyone's pumpkin...including mine...on the stem...and yes, I grabbed it and got paint all over my hands.
This kid is adorable in hats!
My pumpkin...see the stem??
The inflatable pumpkin. All I have to say is, you get what you pay for. Our pumpkin is the only one that floats around on our lawn when the wind blows, while everyone elses pumpkins are in place. :/
I need to take quicker photos.
Mister "Hi Pumpkin" to every pumpkin he sees, refused to's like he was scared of it or something. Strange kid. He opted to ride in the jeep that he didn't know how to drive.
He did say "cheethz"
He asked me to take this shot.