Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the light of the moon...

...a little egg lay on a leaf...from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Jacob's favorite book before bedtime! We read this book to him every night before going to bed and he looooves it! The best part is when we finish reading the book, he quickly folds his arm for prayer! It's so adorable! Anyway, he's totally fascinated with airplanes and moons and will always point to the sky!
An after dinner treat...sugar-free tropical flavored (the best ever) popsicles! So yummy!!
Just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour Sunday nap very grumpy. He wasn't very happy in nursery today and was inconsolable that they had to call me. I spent my Sunday with him and watched him interact with the other kids. He definitely needs more playdates!! The funniest part of nursery today was when they had their was in a room adjacent to the toy room and they had to sit on carpets!! Well, Jacob's timeout is on a when I put him down, he immediately signed sorry!! And then, he just sat there looking miserable playing with the carpet. Well, it didn't last long because he saw other kids running and decided to do the same. I had to put my finger in his back pocket to get him to sit and not be disruptive. =/
PB & J...yummy!
Playing ball at Courtney's house.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The big day

Friday's appointment: The endometrium thickened and one follicle grew to 17.8 mm, which meant it was time for insemination. multiples! The doctor didn't want to risk "waking up" the other follicles with more injections and decided to plan for the IUI on Saturday. I got home and gave myself the hCg shot to force ovulation. I didn't sleep all night because I was nervous about the insemination eventhough I've done it more than three times. I don't think anyone can ever get use to it...

Saturday: Dr. Akabosu did a great job. The procedure took no more than 10 minutes and now it's a waiting game. I find out on Monday, May 10th if it's positive...or if I get my menstrual cycle before that, then I'd know the results. I'm just glad I don't have to give myself anymore injections in the next 2 1/2 weeks!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Early

Went to REI (reproductive, endocrinology, and infertility clinic) in Fremont AGAIN today and things went better than the last three appointments. The follicles are growing with the help of Menapur. It is not as large as they'd like for it to be for insemination, so they prescribed two more days of injection, thus requiring me to go back on Friday for another ultrasound. Tonight, I got home at six o'clock, which is the earliest I've gotten home from the clinic everrrr!! =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Medieval Fantasy Fair

We went to Vacaville's Annual Medieval Fantasy Fair yesterday. Jacob was adored by many as he was dressed up as a dragon! It only lasted 10 minutes before he cried for us to take it off! We had a good time walking around and watching people sing and dance, but most of all, we loved watching Jacob play and interact with others.
I thought this was super awesome. This was my fifth attempt of taking their picture...hehehe... Parade...
Jacob had an awesome time with his new sword...we might actually have to toss it out soon because Jacob has been biting it...leaving tons of teething marks on the styrofoam...he ripped a piece off this morning, but handed it over to us, but you can never be sure that babies won't swallow random things...sigh... Yes, playing with the sword...
Playing outside this morning before attending a close friend's wedding
Jacob climbed into a storage bin when we got home from the wedding as we were bringing in things from the car into the house...oh yes...talking on the phone is his NEW thing. I don't know how to upload my HD video on the blog without it taking forever or not completing, so you can check it on FB.
Daddy's shoes...
Treatment update: I went in on Saturday and again, the follicles did not grow. I am now on bravelle and menapur, hoping to help with follicle growth...four more days of injections and I go back on Wednesday afternoon for another appointment. I don't know what will happen from there.
Below are pictures of needles and viles of solutions I've had to mix the last 12 days. I place them in this tupperware because I'm afraid Jacob would get a hold of them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treatment Update

Hmmm...tough day for me...the ultrasound still showed clusters of follicles (many of them) that could potentially be released after giving the hCg shot, but unfortunately, they did not grow very much. The doctor was very upset about the way things were progressing, which made me feel hopeless and confused, but he decided to proceed with the treatment plan. I will give injections for two more days and see him on Saturday morning to schedule the hCg shot and insemination date if things are okay. From our conversation today, it almost seems like this cycle will have to be cancelled. I just know it will happen...I'm just not feeling the positive vibe. It is very stressful and um...I sometimes want to give up. I am very tired and frustrated. And the injections aren't getting any easier for me to do. I'm very emotional right now and maybe I'll feel different in a couple of hours...but for right now, I just want to cry.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Sponge/Copycat

Jacob is learning new things every day! He is a sponge and will pick things up really fast. He also likes to mimick the things we do. He can say a few things, but will NOT say mom. (He can say come on now, Jacob!!!) He climbs on the furniture and toys, uses sign language for everything, can follow simple requests, (such as wipe your face, brush your hair, make sad faces, give objects to people), loves to read books, and points to objects. He can also fake cry...yes, fake cry, blow at his food, understand left foot and right foot, turn lights on and off, talk on the phone, and..... has now begun nursery!!!
soft pears + mommy's back turned away from baby = new gel and great big smile

I love taking shots from this angle. Here, he wanted to go outside with Jeremiah to play with Gracie.
Realizing that mom won't give in.

His patience grew thin and the crying begins again.

Learning how to scribble scrabble is his new thing...until...
He is proud of his first artwork for daddy.

yes...until...mommy turns away and finds baby chewing on the crayon and coloring time is OVER.

He pulled the bow off my head and played with it. He thought it was super fun.

He is sooooo silly.

The Easter egg hunt at Veterans Park with the ward. He was fascinated with pink eggs and eggs hidden in bushes.
Found one!!!
Analyn, Marley, Yan, Marintha, Michelle, Lacy, and Josie's mom...
Running around after the hunt.

Bath time at Mama's.
It took both Kongkong and Mama to give Jacob his bath...they had a blast.
Wearing everyone's shoes is his new thing!

He helps with laundry by sitting on the warm sheets and running beneath them as I
try to get them folded.
Michael...Jacob has learned how to play the Wii (golf)...want a challenge? ;)

Timeout at Aunt Maricia's...

Grandma came to visit and so did Isaac. We went for a walk around the lake and it was fun!

We stopped by the park on our walk.

He loved walking up the slide and going down it.

He loves his sister, Gracie.
He had a lot of fun playing with the bark too.

Spring Break

At the park...
My new treatment plan...INJECTIONS! I don't know where I get the courage to give myself injections every morning, but I do it. It takes me at least 20 minutes from beginning to end because I need to take my time and get mentally ready. I did the injections for 5 days and on Monday (4/12), the ultrasound showed that I had a cluster of follicles with a total of 10-15 that were growing at the same rate, which caused a lot of concern for high multiple births. I was excited when the doctor said that thinking of twins or even triplets, but she was referring to more...way more than that. I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound to determine whether or not to proceed with the insemination. I'll keep you all posted. I guess my body responded tooooo well to the treatment...and I was given the lowest dosage. *sigh*
Jacob's first merry-go-round ride!

At the outlet shopping with Aunt Tevy, Grandma, Ariel, and Anthony. Being the busy little bee that he is at Carters.
Just like his father...he had to find something to sit on while mommy 'attempts' to shop.
He loves to be outside.

Don't you just love his new sandals???? Stride's our favorite brand of shoes for babies.

At the town's carnival with Ariel. He loved the lights.

First Sunday at church after the winter season! Yes, we got through it without catching RSV!!! It was also his first day in nursery. When we dropped him off, he was so occupied with the toys, he didn't even notice that we were gone. Half an hour into nursery, he realized we weren't there and cried. The nursery leader brought him to me and I took him back and sat with him for a while. I snuck out and came back half an hour later...finding him on the nursery leader's hips. Hahaha...he survived, but most importantly, I survived.
He climbs into and onto everything.

He loves to play.

So cute and adorable!

We had fun during spring break...we slept in until 8 every morning...shopped...and spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen!!