Monday, May 24, 2010

Reduction?!? You mean...Abortion??

Hah...scared you didn't I? I'm not pregnant...yet. Hehehe.

I went in today for an ultrasound and things are growing the way they should be. Even with a smaller dose, the follicles are growing. The smaller follicles should be shrinking with the injection change, but the larger ones should continue to grow. There are three follicles that are big enough for insemination in the next couple of days (15-17.9mm). I was originally going to continue two more days of bravelle and then hcg on Wednesday night, followed by IUI on Thursday afternoon, but that changed when I received a call from REI when I walked into the door this evening. Since there is a chance of the three follicles being fertilized, resulting in having triplets, it was a concern. The doctor asked if I was opened to reduction (aka abortion) if that were to happen and I immediately said, no. Because of that, I am only on bravelle for one day, hcg on Tuesday, and IUI on Thursday morning. However, I was somewhat opposed to the treatment change because I really wanted to increase my chances of getting pregnant (so selfish of me) and it was not certain that I'll be pregnant with know what I mean? But, I understand the risks and complications with multiple births...and if it means enabling me to successfully get pregnant with one, I am okay with it. Jeremiah had to help me understand that tonight. We are all crossing our fingers and saying our prayers...hoping this cycle will bring some changes in our lives...positive changes! =D I should also note that these hormones are hard to keep up with. Parts of my body feels completely tender and sore. I always feel bloated and would also have frequent heartburn. In addition, I am quite moody. =/

Besides this, school is almost out for the school year! I have two more days with students and I am DONE! D...O...N...E!!! Wahoo! Then, on Saturday, Jacob and I will be flying out to Utah for 10 days! We'll get to rest for a few days when we come home and then off to Pismo Beach for a few days to celebrate Father's Day and our 9 year anniversary! I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

REI update

Both appointments went well this week. The follicles are growing and insemination date is near. I'm only on Bravelle for two more days (took Menapur out today to stop the follicles from growing, allowing the three big ones to grow) before another ultrasound on Monday to determine insemination time. Let's hope for positive results!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Timeout and other stuff

Jacob's timeout rug...he doesn't leave the rug until he says sorry. He's been put on timeout in many different places like my friend's house, Kaiser's pharmacy, etc. It's becoming more common since he has entered the terrible twos. The yelling (usually the word 'no'), stomping, and kicking is so embarrassing. One time, he slapped and pulled my hair in front of people. I was shocked.
Jacob's new art table. He loves it.

Jacob's new apron handmade with love by E-Ca! Thanks, E-Ca!

Jacob didn't want to get ready for bed. He was having too much fun with his new art table.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Plan

The ultrasound showed no cysts in the ovaries, so we are starting a new treatment plan this cycle. Dr. Proctor said the injections were too risky with the last cycle producing too many follicles with the given 'low' dosage. He asked me what I wanted to do and I said it was really up to him. He looked at me and said, "IVF." I looked at him and said, "Not yet!" We can't afford it and I think I could get pregnant without exploring that option (crossing fingers). So, he prescribed five days of Letrozole (pill) and three days of injections (Bravelle and Menapur). I will see him next Thursday for an ultrasound and will go from there. Given the boxes of injections I picked up from the pharmacy this evening, it looks like it'll be way more than three days of injections. I paid $24.00 for all of my prescription, saving $970.00. My benefits are way awesome. Last month, we saved $3,000.00 in prescriptions alone.

Many have tried to talk me out of going through the treatments because they have seen how hard it is on my body, mind, and strength, but the joy and happiness I've experience as a mother is priceless. Watching Jeremiah as a dad is also amazing. I can't imagine how it would feel to watch Jacob be an older brother to his sibling...I hope I get pregnant this time.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It's negative! I pretty much knew the results before getting them from the advice nurse this morning. Treatments will start again this Wednesday. I am going to assume they will put me back on letrozole instead of injections since my appointment is with Dr. Proctor. He mentioned that it was better than injections since it worked awhile back getting pregnant with Jacob. I'll keep everyone posted. I was really bummed about finding out the results on "Mother's Day," but felt much better after spending the evening cuddling with Jacob and Jeremiah.

'Memorable Moment' this week: We always read to Jacob before going to bed. His favorite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Well he was extremely squirmy and onre after reading the stories, which most of the time, he is ready to go down and would fold his arms to pray. So Jeremiah asked him, "What do you want, buddy?" and Jacob took a seat back, looked at us, and folded his arms for prayer!! It was soooo cute! Here we were thinking he wanted to do something else, but all he wanted was to pray! Hahaha. My son is so adorable! *sigh*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Mother's Day...

EVERYDAY! I'm so blessed to be a mother to Jacob and a wife to Jeremiah. I love how they love me for who I am.