Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rough day!

Today was a rough day for Jacob. He had several episodes of apnea...more than usual. We are worried and can't wait to see him tomorrow and learn about his progress tonight. Other than that, he had 3 bowel movements in a 7 hour period. They also increased his feeding from 2 mL to 6 mL. With all that yummy milk, Jeremiah finally had to change one dirty diaper and found out it was harder to clean than he thought. =)

Jacob had many visitors today. His aunts and uncles came to see how adorable he was. They couldn't help but to admire his tiny fingers and tiny toes. They wished they could hold him, but he was too comfortable sleeping so they didn't want to wake him. It was extra special when Grandma and Grandpa Horn came to see him. Grandma loved touching and counting his toes and fingers. She even sang a little rhyme for Jacob. He gets so active when she's around. I think it's a grandma thing!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another milestone for Jacob

Today was another good day. Jacob started the day pretty agitated with his heartbeat rate higher than usual. The nurses say it's because he was so excited to know that we were there to see him. It made me very nervous and I couldn't help but to worry about him. However, by early afternoon, he was able to rest and get in a good nap. The nurses skipped his morning feeding due to a high volume of residuals from his previous feeding, but when we returned to visit him in the evening, he had NO residuals at all. It was his first without any and we were so happy. It was another milestone for Jacob and we're so proud of how tough he is. Grandpa Sorensen finally saw him today and could not be any happier to see his new grandson doing well in the NICU. Grandma Sorensen sang a lullaby and Jacob felt comforted as he smiled graciously with his eyes closed to her sweet voice. One cute thing that happened today was Jeremiah taking his wedding band and having Jacob hold on to it. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. He is such a good daddy.

Friday, August 29, 2008

First diaper change!

Today, was a great day! First, Jeremiah and I had the opportunity to change Jacob's diaper. It was so exciting. I was able to change a poopie diaper that took me almost more than 5 minutes to finish. *whew* Jeremy on the other hand, left so many gaps in securing the diaper that it had to be repositioned. *smirk* Second, Jacob also ended his theraphy for Jaundice. After giving him his blanket (I slept with it so he could smell my scent), he was content throughout most of the day. He was so relaxed and happy. We were too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's feeding time!


Today was a great day! We learned that Jacob had his first feeding last night and used up all the breastmilk I pumped the last few days. It wasn't very much, but he took it very well. They also removed an IV on his right hand. With that, he takes every opportunity to stretch, move, and grab all sorts of stuff in his way. Jacob also loves to be held by his mother through Kangaroo care. He was not very happy when he had to go back to bed. After a few seconds of crying, he found a comfortable position and slept. We were so proud of our little boy!

Jacob Thomas has arrived!

Thank you for your thoughts, words of love, and support. It means so much to us. It has been overwhelming, but with the support of our family and friends, we've been able to get through the past few days. As you know, little baby Jacob decided to come early. Forty-five minutes after a check-up on Friday afternoon for some irregular symptoms, in which the doctor said that everything was okay, I began to bleed excessively. We went to Manteca Hospital and found out I needed to be transported via ambulance to Dameron Hospital in Stockton b/c they did not have an OB/GYN. Before the doctor assessed me, he explained that the check up earlier that day might have popped a vessel which might explain the bleeding. That was not it. I was 4 cm dialating (sp?) and my water sac bulging. I was already contracting every 2 minutes and in active labor. He told me that I would eventually deliver within the next few hours. They did what they could to prolong the delivery, but by early Monday morning at 1:03, Jacob decided it was finally time to come. Minutes before the delivery, the doctor performed an ultrasound and told us that Jacob would be about 1 lb. 3 oz. He proved them wrong. He was doubled the weight and 14 inches long. He cried instantly and pee-d on the nurse. It was so cute. After a kiss, he was taken to the NICU.

Jacob will be spending the next 11 weeks in the NICU so they can monitor his growth and progress. So far, he has impressed everyone. He's made great progress and does not need a respirator. Yesterday, I was able to do kangaroo care where I was able to hold him skin to skin and now I will be doing that EVERYDAY. And last night, they started his first feeding. We were so happy to know that he's in great hands and that your prayers were heard and answered. Thank you so much!

Jeremiah and I joined a support group for premature babies and it has helped us a lot emotionally. We know there will be good and bad days, but we are taking them one day at a time. We are so blessed to have a strong little boy. Thank you for everything. We will continue to keep you posted.

Sopha, Jeremiah, and Jacob Thomas

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

and his name will be...

Jacob Thomas Sorensen!