Monday, January 28, 2013

Ward Christmas breakfast

Our ward decided to have a PJ Christmas party and I thought it was a clever idea!! But you know kids woke up...threw them in the bathtub...dressed them up in their cute pjs...fixed their hair..etc..LOL. I'm something sometimes. The party was lots of fun, except for the waiting for Santa part. We totally wanted to ditch the mile long line, but knew both Jacob and Peter the panda would be super disappointed, so we stood in line...forever.
Listening to the Christmas program...
He wanted to held the entire time...not a surprise for Tay.
See the look on his face...we couldn't leave the line. He would have been devastated.
She didn't know what was going on. Everyone did the "awww" when she had pouty face.
I wonder what he told Santa.
I know Santa told him that he had to help Mommy at home because she depends on his help...I love our Santa. :)
The delicious ever so sticky treat that mommy had to clean up after it was half eaten.
I had to take some snapshots at home. The kids were too adorable not to.
A forced hug after a fight over the remote control car. Guess what Santa brought them?? And they played with it for how long??????? Yup, 2 seconds. Nice.
Happy again. Sometimes the big bro just has to give it up.
Told the kid that when the marker is at the number 1, we'd be able to open presents. Innocently, he goes over and you know it...drops it down to 1. Funny kid!
He really thought we were going to open presents...what a disappointment for Jake when he realized it didn't work that way. LOL
Holy cow! Isn't she just adorable!?
Saw what his bro did and did the exact same thing.
I love their expressions. Attempting to take pics of all three at once never works, but boy do I love their facial expressions. Priceless.

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Will and Julia's Mommy said...

Most adorable family ever!!!